Who wants to carry on being a failure?

Written by Douglas Titchmarsh

Who wants to carry on being a failure?

Failure. Not a great word is it? It is a very negative word, it says nothing good happened at all. But it's still a word that is used a lot by so many people. Here inrepparttar UK as this is being written there is a huge buzz inrepparttar 151132 media about an alternative phrase for repparttar 151133 word failure. This buzz centres around a group of school teachers who have decided that failure is not an option forrepparttar 151134 children they teach. Now they just have "deferred success". Of courserepparttar 151135 media is sensationalisingrepparttar 151136 phrase as Political correctness, but I can see where they are going with this.

Deferred success, I likerepparttar 151137 sound of it don't you? It was said by someone (and repeated by many) that you haven't failed until you actually stop trying. When you look right at it, deferred success means exactlyrepparttar 151138 same thing. In a classroom they will make you do something over and over until you get it right, so until they give up doing it, no one has failed. If they eventually grasprepparttar 151139 lesson then their success was only deferred until a later time.

Islam helps you

Written by Wael El-Manzalawy

I discussed many persons who were against religion of any kind. I used to ask them three questions. I used ,as well, to invite them to think deeply and clearly before answering my questions. These questions are: 1-Do you think that there is a Creator who has created this universe? 2-Should we worshiprepparttar Creator ofrepparttar 151077 universe or not? 3-Have you made a comparison between Islam and other doctrines?

As regardsrepparttar 151078 first question, I do not knowrepparttar 151079 reason that makes some people denyrepparttar 151080 presence ofrepparttar 151081 God. The universe,repparttar 151082 sky,repparttar 151083 stars,repparttar 151084 sea,repparttar 151085 air are clear evidences that there is a Creator who has created this universe. The greatness ofrepparttar 151086 universe is a clear evidence that a Great God has created it. The answer ofrepparttar 151087 first question leads us torepparttar 151088 necessity of religion. How can you live in this universe without worshippingrepparttar 151089 Creator ofrepparttar 151090 universe?

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