Who is the best qualified candidate for the job?

Written by Robert M. Ziegler

What happened torepparttar days when you voted for candidates because of their “abilities”, and not because of their party affiliation, orrepparttar 125987 popularity they enjoy as a result of expensive media exposure? Have you ever noticed that most Government offices are being held by individuals who are independently wealthy, or who enjoy very strong financial support? This applies to all levels of government, whether it be Federal, State or Local.

Individuals may be extremely well-qualified, but their name may never be added to a ballot simply because they are virtual unknowns who are financially unable to compete in an arena heavily populated withrepparttar 125988 rich and famous. Have you ever noticed how many elected officials are either independently wealthy or own their own business? Unfortunately, that doesn’t make them better qualified than less affluent candidates.

Instead of receiving donations and other forms

The Declaration of RE-Independdence

Written by James Sorrell

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