Who Says You’re the BUMPER?!...

Written by Maricon Williams

So it’s your first motorcycle and it’s your first time to ride. Your hands are probably shaking… either from too much excitement or from fears or probably you’re excited and fearful atrepparttar same time…well, either way you’re in for a ride of your life. Motorcycle rides is an exhilarating experience since you are in contact with your surroundings. You get to enjoyrepparttar 149089 scenery as well asrepparttar 149090 soft rush of wind on your face as you go along beautiful fields because it is open. Riding a motorcycle is like being one with everything and no other land transportation vehicle can provide you with such equal experience…hmmm…come to think of it there’srepparttar 149091 bicycle which is a close relative ofrepparttar 149092 motorcycle but that’s another topic for another time.

Beauty has its corresponding ugliness and motorcycle accidents are definitelyrepparttar 149093 ugliest as well asrepparttar 149094 nastiest part a rider may ever experience. You have probably heard from other people thatrepparttar 149095 time you mount your motorcycle you ought to prepare yourself forrepparttar 149096 worst. Because they said that riding motorcycle is like signing your death sentence. And also, other’s said that you,repparttar 149097 rider becomesrepparttar 149098 bumper during collision accidents. Although there might be some truth behind all these but remember accidents happen to those who are not CAREFUL.

For your peace of mind, here is a list of do’s and don’ts when riding a motorcycle: 1.It is always best to get a professional training in riding motorcycle since most riding centers or schools teach defensive driving. Likewise, various traffic and safety rules are part ofrepparttar 149099 driving program given to starting riders. 2.Have with your driver license with you always. Remember that in case of motorcycle accidents drivers without a license are given additional penalty aside fromrepparttar 149100 penalty due torepparttar 149101 accident.

She’s Hot in the Road…

Written by Maricon Williams

It was a hot summer day and she was in all her splendor as you mount her. Her body glistened fromrepparttar wax that you lovingly applied on her. People are awed just seeing her pass by. Every bystander that saw you wishes that they could also have a girl like yours and they exclaimed “She’s definitely hot onrepparttar 149088 road…” and then you smile and said “Wish on brothers…this girl is mine…”

Have you ever wondered why most men refer to their bikes as a she or their girl? In order to satisfy my curiosity I asked some ofrepparttar 149089 boys inrepparttar 149090 neighborhood with bikes why they have to refer to their bikes as their girl. And these are some of their explanations:

Boy 1: I call my bike my girl because it’s beautiful and shapely like you girls. – I don’t know about this but if I’m compared to a bike I definitely would not want to be compared with those bulky big bikes. Just think of what that implies.

Boy 2: My bike is my girl friend because she’s hot…! – Again, I don’t know what to think of this comparison but it must be because exhaust of motorcycles are hot when you get in contact with it or it may pertain probably torepparttar 149091 look ofrepparttar 149092 bike. Well, it’s their opinion inrepparttar 149093 first place.

Boy 3: I refer to my motorcycle my girl because I fell in love with itrepparttar 149094 first time I laid eyes on it. The same feeling I get when I’m in love. – This is probablyrepparttar 149095 one answer that makes me wonder, comparingrepparttar 149096 love for a motorcycle torepparttar 149097 love for a “real” girl. I mean come on.

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