Who Said That? (First, Second Or Third Person)

Written by Jeff Colburn

I often have writers ask me which person they should write in, first, second or third. Deciding if a story should be told with "I said,you said, or he/she said" can be daunting to many writers. This question is most difficult to decide in fiction. For that reason, I will address this article to all of you fiction writers.

There are pros and cons to each person. Let me give you some examples so we are all talking aboutrepparttar same thing.

This example comes from a short story of mine called "First Blood."

Third Person, also called Omniscient (This is how it was written for publication.): "Damn them all torepparttar 129733 seven hells of Anthion," Klempf yelled, as he took another direct hit. His head throbbed from being thrown againstrepparttar 129734 control panel. A small trickle of red blood ran down between his blond eyebrows.

Second Person: "Damn them all torepparttar 129735 seven hells of Anthion," you yelled, as your ship took another direct hit. Your head throbbed from being thrown againstrepparttar 129736 control panel. A small trickle of red blood ran down between your blond eyebrows.

First Person: "Damn them all torepparttar 129737 seven hells of Anthion," I yelled, as my ship took another direct hit. My head throbbed from being thrown againstrepparttar 129738 control panel. A small trickle of red blood ran down between my blond eyebrows.

As you can see, each paragraph has a distinctly different flavor.

Second person is very seldom used in fiction. To me, it seems to be paternal and distancing when someone keeps saying, "You, you, you." It lacks involvement ofrepparttar 129739 characters inrepparttar 129740 story. Don't get me wrong, it can be used in a story, but it must be done very carefully.

The most frequently used persons are first and third.

First person hasrepparttar 129741 advantage of being very personal. "I did this. I did that." The reader will know exactly whatrepparttar 129742 character is thinking and what they believe, even ifrepparttar 129743 story showsrepparttar 129744 character is wrong. One ofrepparttar 129745 disadvantages is thatrepparttar 129746 reader doesn't know anything thatrepparttar 129747 character doesn't know. If a character is standing in one room, he doesn't know what is happening anywhere else. You couldn't say, "Darek stood inrepparttar 129748 living room, unaware that Jim was inrepparttar 129749 garden, with a rifle aimed at Darek's chest." That would be third person. Now you could say, "I stood inrepparttar 129750 living room facingrepparttar 129751 bay window. A glint of light from something inrepparttar 129752 garden caught my attention. Too late, I realizedrepparttar 129753 glint came from a rifle scope,repparttar 129754 bullet ripped into my chest, andrepparttar 129755 world darkened." This would have to berepparttar 129756 end ofrepparttar 129757 story, because there wouldn't be anyone left to tellrepparttar 129758 story, unless you haverepparttar 129759 character's ghost continuerepparttar 129760 story.

How To Write Words That Magnify Your Headlines

Written by Patrick Hale (Pat @Maxaid)

How To Write Words That Magnify Your Headlines

By: Pat @Maxaid

Have you ever noticed that some people can talk for hours and never say anything. It seems to be same with most ad writers.

If you choose your words correctly, a 7 word headline can relate a paragraphs worth of relevant information.

For example, compare these two headlines:

1. Brand New, Gigantic Mammoth Prelaunch - Join Now !

2. Missing Mans Body Found in Forest After 3 Years !

It doesn't take a genius to realize that #1 doesn't tell you - "Diddly"

It also doesn't take a genius to read betweenrepparttar lines of #2 and Read this into it,

Someone was missing, Who was missing, The word "body" denotesrepparttar 129731 man is deceased, How long he was missing, That he was found, Where he was found.

Also,repparttar 129732 average person will decipher that there was originally a search forrepparttar 129733 man that was most likely called off.

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