Who Really Runs the U.S. Government Today

Written by Gary Revel

On November 22, 1963repparttar United States of America was taken over by a powerful group of individuals that included a number of CIA special team operatives, some employees and officials ofrepparttar 125983 government and members ofrepparttar 125984 Mafia. They did this by killing President John F. Kennedy and putting their man, Lyndon Baines Johnson, inrepparttar 125985 White House. The group included FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Mafia Boss Carlos Marcello and Mafia Banker Meyer Lansky. Although these men are dead today their positions of power are well kept by their predecessors. I am not saying thatrepparttar 125986 current FBI Director is one of them only that someone hasrepparttar 125987 power that J. Edgar Hoover had. They accomplished their feat with criminals and assets insiderepparttar 125988 government that included J. Edgar's private army of State, County and Local government employees most of which were convinced it was their job to saverepparttar 125989 country fromrepparttar 125990 National Security Threat of Communism. The ideology of self-preservation was bolstered byrepparttar 125991 military-industrial complex that reaped billions of dollars each year fromrepparttar 125992 Vietnam War, something even President Eisenhower warnedrepparttar 125993 country of only a few years back from Kennedy's execution. Motive forrepparttar 125994 Mafia came from income torepparttar 125995 tune of many billions of dollars each year from heroin sales and black market arms dealings made easy byrepparttar 125996 coverrepparttar 125997 Vietnam War provided. Some weeks prior to Kennedy's killing he sent a memo calling forrepparttar 125998 return of American Servicemen from Vietnam and ultimately an ending ofrepparttar 125999 Vietnam War. His plan was dismantled by President Lyndon Baines Johnson shortly afterrepparttar 126000 new President took control ofrepparttar 126001 White House. The war grew and grew after this and thousands of young Americans fought and died for their country. Many who were fortunate enough to return found themselves being hit by rotten eggs as they stepped back onto American soil. Anti-war demonstrators, many who were U.S. Government agents under cover, would meet them with signs and slogans destroying any pride or loyalty they had left forrepparttar 126002 mission they returned from. College students were killed or beaten from coast to coast who dared to question authority ofrepparttar 126003 corrupt machine runningrepparttar 126004 United States of America. Experimental projects designed to artificially control human behavior byrepparttar 126005 use of drugs, torture or sexual desire were being implemented aroundrepparttar 126006 country leaving hundreds of dead or psychologically crippled American citizens in their wake. There were two powerful men still alive who dared to speak out againstrepparttar 126007 machine. These men were Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. They were executed in 1968 and since then no one has achieved their status in this country. People who think like they did are kept from achieving any significant power and if they start coming close they are dealt with in any number of ways to make sure that they are relegated as impotent as far as being a threat torepparttar 126008 National Security ofrepparttar 126009 United States of America. For many years those who dared to voicerepparttar 126010 word conspiracy were pounced on by numerous directions and beaten down or classified a nut-case conspiracy theorist. It didn't matter what party was in political power. Anyone could be killed and their death ruled an accident or a suicide whether they were an average citizen or an important leader ofrepparttar 126011 country. Information was passed through a criminal network that spread throughout our government like a cancer and all threats were terminated one way or another. The laws andrepparttar 126012 courts of America became a joke and thousands of people were put in prison for crimes they did not commit. Many who did commit crimes were allowed to go free byrepparttar 126013 manipulations of government and then manipulations of media convincedrepparttar 126014 public that it was true justice.

Ronald Reagan: Hero or Villain?

Written by Arthur Zulu

D-e-a-t-h. The mention of that five-letter word instills fear into many. Only a few mortals could dare death likerepparttar poet John Donne. When his beloved brother died, he wrote death these damning lines: Death do not be proud/ Though some have called thee mighty and dreadful/ But thou art not so/ Nor yet canst thou kill me/ and Death shall be no more/ Death thou shalt die.

The poet was audacious. However, one year after writing his poem, Death killed John Donne. So, "Pale Death, with impartial step, knocks atrepparttar 125982 poor man's cottage andrepparttar 125983 palaces of kings" says Horace. Because man likes deceiving himself and because man does not want to think that he ever dies, he has crafted euphemisms to describe death. Like kickingrepparttar 125984 bucket. Going torepparttar 125985 great beyond. Answeringrepparttar 125986 call to glory.

So Ronald Reagan has joined his ancestors (to use another euphemism). And encomiums are pouring in. One of such is from George Bush: "Reagan is a hero. He brought peace torepparttar 125987 world." It is good to say kind things aboutrepparttar 125988 dead, so that when we die,repparttar 125989 living will say good things about us too. Everyone wants to be remembered at death for his virtues, not his vices. It was for this reason that Solomon,repparttar 125990 wise man said: "A good name is better than precious ointment; andrepparttar 125991 day of death thanrepparttar 125992 day of one's birth." Other graveside orators in some settings have however tried to strike balance. Consider Mark Antony's funeral discourse for Julius Caesar; "Friends, Romans lend me your ears. . . I have come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. . . The evil that men do lives after them. So let it be with Caesar." You may giverepparttar 125993 speech any interpretation that suits you. Meanwhile, let us exitrepparttar 125994 Shakespearean stage and enterrepparttar 125995 real world.

I am suffering from memory lapse these days. Who startedrepparttar 125996 star wars program? What aboutrepparttar 125997 telepathic guided missiles initiative? Who befriended Saddam Hussein and trained Osama bin Laden? Who tolerated Botha and Mugabe? I cannot remember exactly. All I can ell is that during Reagan's regime, it seemed thatrepparttar 125998 world would go up in flamesrepparttar 125999 next moment. Leaders of rogue states wet their undies. Ask Muammar Ghadaffi. Or is it Momar Qadaffi? Gorbachev, yes, I meanrepparttar 126000 gentleman from Russia saw Roman Catholic ‘hell fire.' Andrepparttar 126001 freedom fighters, no, I want a better word—terrorists—yes,repparttar 126002 terrorists ran into caves.

But this compliment about Reagan bringing peace torepparttar 126003 world is what I do not understand. Is thisrepparttar 126004 new world order? Hear William Pfaff: "The new world order has arrived. It is well and truly new, consecrating invasion, aggression and ethnic purge as acceptable international conduct." Inrepparttar 126005 words of Dr. Walker Percy, we have been in "a state of suspended animation" since World War I. It is no wonder that Helmut Schmidt, former German Chancellor said, "we have never governed [the world] in total peace."

Now,repparttar 126006 threat of a nuclear ‘Armageddon' is more imminent. (The Doomsday clock is getting closer to midnight.) The once frightened ‘terrorists' are out from their hideouts and are plottingrepparttar 126007 end ofrepparttar 126008 world. And despite two prayers for peace at Assissi Italy (never mindrepparttar 126009 pope and his prayerful multitudes), twelve wars are going on aroundrepparttar 126010 world this hour. It is for this reason that ‘The Daily Yomiuri' says that "the balance between peace and war is becoming ever more precarious."

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