Who Needs Cash When There's Electronic Money!

Written by Merle

It's a new world. Gone arerepparttar days of writing paper checks and entering credit card numbers. Now withrepparttar 109066 click of a mouse you can pay anyone anywhere, anytime, or you can receive payments yourself without a merchant account. All you need isrepparttar 109067 right service and an email address.

There are so many "electronic payment" services onrepparttar 109068 Net today, if you're not taking advantage of them you're missing out on a fast, simple way to move money around. If you're selling products or services online, adding one or more of these payment processes to your site will give your visitors more options and possibly result in more sales for you.

Let's examine some ofrepparttar 109069 Top Players a little more closely:

1) PayPal http://www.PayPal.com

PayPal has to berepparttar 109070 most popular ofrepparttar 109071 payment services available by far. They offer three different account types: Personal, which has a limit of 100.00 per month in credit card payments; Premier, for those in need of high transactions (which means you need to accept a large number of credit card payments); and Business accounts, which are intended for business use only. A business account includesrepparttar 109072 ability to accept payment from your website and use of PayPal's shopping cart along with your own ATM/Debit card which allows you to access your funds at any local bank or userepparttar 109073 debit card like a credit card at any store.

Fees: For Premier accounts these are 2.2% of each transaction plus $.30. Business users pay 2.9% per transaction plus $.30. There are no transaction fees for personal accounts. They do allow International payments for some countries; checkrepparttar 109074 site for details.

2) BidPay: http://www.BidPay.com

Owned by Western Union and devised to make paying for online auctions easier. Basically, when you open an account with them you purchase money orders that they send out to pay for any auctions you may have won. Cannot handle transactions over $700.00. The money orders are mailed out within 24 hours. Emails are sent torepparttar 109075 buyer and seller once payment is on its way. All payments under $100.00 are charged a $5.00 flat fee. Money orders between $100.01 and $700.00 are charged $5.00 +2.25% ofrepparttar 109076 face value ofrepparttar 109077 money order. International access allowed but limited to certain areas.

How to Protect Your Online Store from the Internet Burglars, Part 1

Written by Lynne Schlumpf

The theft of credit card numbers is enormous. It is estimated that as many as 40% of all online transactions are bogus.

This article is normally an electronic booklet sold on my site, but I decided its content was too important to not share with you.

How To Protect Your Online Store fromrepparttar Internet Burgulars by Lynne Schlumpf, CEO Copyright 2000 Route 66 Cyber Cafe, Inc.

One ofrepparttar 109065 worst things that can ever happen to an online store onrepparttar 109066 Internet is lurking at every storefront out there. The Internet burgulars, as I like to call them, are waiting for you to let your guard down just for one second while you're processing their credit card number. It is at that point that you may as well just walk out inrepparttar 109067 middle ofrepparttar 109068 street and throw every bit of money in your wallet and pockets atrepparttar 109069 next car that goes speeding by. Or better yet, whatever merchandise it is that you are selling online, just go throw about 40% of your inventory intorepparttar 109070 streets to let others come and pick it up. This sounds like a ridiculous analogy, I know, but it illustrates how much they can hurt you. That estimate is not overstated.It is estimated that this could berepparttar 109071 percentage of lost sales to fraud onrepparttar 109072 Net.

They think they're crafty, and they're costing people their hard-earned savings,repparttar 109073 business they worked so hard to create, and they don't care. All they care about is fast merchandise ofrepparttar 109074 right kind to offload and sell onrepparttar 109075 streets, or whatever it is that these crooks do with it.

You will find some ofrepparttar 109076 stories I am going to tell you not only funny but ridiculous. I am not making light of a serious subject, believe me! This subject has obviously become a sort of a quest for me. I want to stop them, and I want you to help me. I don't want to see you give away even one cent to these people. Your business does not deserverepparttar 109077 thievery that abounds.

I am not saying that this type of practice did not exist beforerepparttar 109078 Internet became a household word. It was happening EVERYWHERE! I used to have a friend who was a manager for a COMPUSA store. This was a very large store with thousands of orders a day, but this guy knew what he was doing. He did not lose anything to these people. He taught me many ofrepparttar 109079 things I am going to pass on to you. I remember being in his office one day, andrepparttar 109080 phone rang. Some women was screaming so loud at him, I could hear her acrossrepparttar 109081 room. She was yelling that she was supposed to have her laptop delivered by next day mail, and it had not arrived yet. I thought, boy, they must've really messed up her order or something.

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