Who Lives Your Life?

Written by A K Whitehead

Who Lives Your Life? by A K Whitehead

We often hear people make remarks like "I live my life torepparttar full" or "No one tells me what to do" and so forth. Those who make such remarks are either worldly people or people whose attitudes are dominated byrepparttar 126950 world.

Following The World Things are, or should be, very different forrepparttar 126951 Christian. Why? Simply because someone who is imitating Jesus cannot atrepparttar 126952 same time be imitatingrepparttar 126953 world. Revelation 12.9 tells us two interesting facts. The first is that, whenrepparttar 126954 ancient serpent, or Satan was defeated he was not consigned to hell but was hurled torepparttar 126955 earth, and his angels with him.

Secondly, we are told that Satan leadsrepparttar 126956 whole world astray. Consequently, those who followrepparttar 126957 world follow Satan. Perhaps not knowingly, nor willingly. But then, Satan cares little about how much people know or whether they would do what they do willingly if they knew differently!

What isrepparttar 126958 alternative? How do we guard ourselves against being misled? How do we avoid being duped by Satan?

Following Jesus = Following The Spirit Every Christian has been given Jesus as his/her model. His isrepparttar 126959 example we follow - in everything!

This is not easy but it is something we have to keep pursuing. Now, in John's gospel Jesus makes a particular principle of his very clear. On several separate occasions he tells us that he never does anything except that it is inrepparttar 126960 Father's will for him (e.g. John 5. 19; 5. 30, 77. 16;8. 29). It is therefore our task to live as nearly as possible inrepparttar 126961 Father's will. It is no more than Jesus has instructed us. How do we do it?

Living Through The Spirit We are givenrepparttar 126962 Holy Spirit to be our mentor. A mentor is someone who guides us. He is wise and trusted advisor. Someone we can rely on totally to give usrepparttar 126963 very best direction in whatever circumstance we might find ourselves in, whatever problems and decisions we are faced with.

The Bible usesrepparttar 126964 term "Paraclete". (Some bibles userepparttar 126965 term "Counsellor" as in John 14. 26) This is a Greek word and can sound a bit off-putting to us. Butrepparttar 126966 Greeks had a type of boat which was sent out to ships which were in difficulties. It was called a paracletos, which gives us another insight intorepparttar 126967 intended role ofrepparttar 126968 Holy Spirit in our lives.

Meditation: A Great Catholic Bonus

Written by A K Whitehead

Meditation: A Great Catholic Bonus by A K Whitehead

Is our primary objective in life to become like Jesus? Of course. How do we do it? Well, ask another one that will take less than fifty books to answer!

But there is an important way which can take us well downrepparttar road. Moreover, it is a particular and integrated part ofrepparttar 126949 Catholic tradition: meditation.

Not any kind of meditation - and certainly none ofrepparttar 126950 kinds imported from eastern religions such as Hinduism. It is a Catholic traditional way hallowed by time andrepparttar 126951 efforts of saints co-operating with God's graces. These include such people as Ignatius of Loyola, John ofrepparttar 126952 Cross, Therese of Avila and many others.

Meditating On What? One ofrepparttar 126953 greatest expressions of God's love for us is that he has provided for us a book which reveals much about himself,repparttar 126954 way to salvation and what he desires of each of us. Most of all, perhaps, there lies within it knowledge of how great is his personal love for each of us.

That book is, of course,repparttar 126955 Bible. Bothrepparttar 126956 Old and, especiallyrepparttar 126957 New Testament are there entirely for our benefit. Indeed, in recent timesrepparttar 126958 Catholic Church has drawn attention on several major ocassion torepparttar 126959 importance of Scripture and ofrepparttar 126960 need for us to avail ourselves of it.

Thus, for example,repparttar 126961 Dogmatic Constitution On Divine Revelation (promulgated by Pope Paul VI, 1965) stresses that ...repparttar 126962 Father who is in heaven meets his children with great love and speaks to them; andrepparttar 126963 force and power inrepparttar 126964 word of God is so great that it stands asrepparttar 126965 support and energy ofrepparttar 126966 Church,repparttar 126967 strength of faith for her sons,repparttar 126968 food ofrepparttar 126969 soul,repparttar 126970 pure and everlasting source of spiritual life.

This latter point is of particular relevance here: Moreover, afterrepparttar 126971 Second Vatican Council Catholics have had made available to them several translations fromrepparttar 126972 original languages ofrepparttar 126973 Bible. For example, we haverepparttar 126974 Jerusalem Bible,repparttar 126975 New Jerusalem Bible andrepparttar 126976 New American Bible. For those who do develop a love of, and interest in Scripture, these are all available with explanatory footnotes and introductions torepparttar 126977 various books ofrepparttar 126978 Bible which put them in historical, cultural and spiritual context.

But it is sad that not many more Catholics seem to make use of what is available to them through Scripture. The saints mentioned above, and many, many others, spent time meditating onrepparttar 126979 sacred word of God because it really did reveal God to them. This is especially important for Christians when meditating onrepparttar 126980 New Testament. Indeed, Ignatius of Loyola especially has highlightedrepparttar 126981 way in which we meet Jesus in a new way throughrepparttar 126982 gospels. God can reach out to us in different ways when we properly reflect onrepparttar 126983 word he has given to us.

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