Who Is The Best VoIP Provider??

Written by Michael Lemm

Thinking of getting yourself a VoIP phone? Fed up with your current provider and thinking of a switch? Have a gripe or an attaboy onrepparttar provider you use now? Have a burning question you just can't seem to get answered?

Well...you can satisfy all those needs easily at BroadBandReports.com. Pay a visit torepparttar 141095 VoIP Review section and you'll find a pretty indepth resource showing a review and comparison of multiple providers based on first hand accounts of real users.

Yet Another Wireless Telephone Virus

Written by Michael Lemm

Yet another wireless telephone virus is onrepparttar loose. You may remember Cabir sightings in various countries. Well...nowrepparttar 141094 Commwarrior virus is spreading to wireless phones worldwide via MMS and Bluetooth. Not only will it infect your phone, but will ring-up your phone bill by sending numerous MMS messages inrepparttar 141095 middle ofrepparttar 141096 night. Commwarrior could potentially be much bigger trouble than Cabir - via MMS it can jump from one country to another easily.

Commwarrior monitorsrepparttar 141097 phone's clock and spreads over Bluetooth during daytime (from 08:00 to midnight) and spreads via MMS duringrepparttar 141098 night (from midnight to 07:00). The worm sleeps at random times between sendingrepparttar 141099 messages, further slowing downrepparttar 141100 spreading.

And of course, sending MMS messages is expensive. Letís do a little math here. How many phone numbers do you have in your phone? How much does sending one MMS cost you? Assuming, say, 500 numbers and 0.50Ä per message, that would cost you 250Ä. Of course, that money wouldn't go back torepparttar 141101 virus writer, but in any case we're talking about a nasty side effect here.

When Commwarrior arrives via MMS,repparttar 141102 user sees a message that contains social engineering text and an attachment. Unlike in Bluetooth replication, whererepparttar 141103 system installer starts automatically after receiving message (of course with normal installation dialog), user has to saverepparttar 141104 SIS file attachment from MMS beforerepparttar 141105 installer starts.

Thus getting infected with Commwarrior over MMS takes even more steps than Cabir over Bluetooth, which is probably one ofrepparttar 141106 reasons why we haven't seen distribution in larger scale. But as we know, people are curious, and there are always some people who will install Commwarrior. Especially since via MMS they seem to receiverepparttar 141107 file from someone they know.

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