Who Is Randy Gage and Why Is He One of My Mentors and Heroes?

Written by Chris J Lloyd

Who is Randy Gage? I first read about him in a newsletter by his friend, and another of my mentors and heroes, Stuart Goldsmith.

At first he came across as a bit too much 'in-your-face' for my liking but, as he was challenging some of my long held beliefs, I came to realise that I was in a state of denial.

I will always be grateful to him because, by forcing me to face up to reality, I made some major breakthroughs by changing my thinking about certain issues.

If you need to get over some hang-ups that are keeping you fromrepparttar life you deserve, and you can stand a strong dose ofrepparttar 122158 truth, then Randy isrepparttar 122159 guy to tell it like it is.

Higher Vibration is not Necessarily better or more Loving !

Written by Tobias Lars

"Higher Vibration is not Necessarily Better or More Loving & How our Judgments have "Colored" our Experience." There is an underlying assumption, a prejudice, especially in spiritual circles, that higher vibration is automatically better, somehow closer to God, to Love. This is a fundamental misunderstanding that has caused problems and ripple effects throughoutrepparttar universe and forrepparttar 122157 manifested spirits (us). Why has this happened? What isrepparttar 122158 original cause? How has it manifested in Creation? What patterns has it created on Earth? How has it taken our Freedom away? Who has been interested in promoting this idea? How can we learn to intuitively feelrepparttar 122159 difference between Loving Light/Vibration and Unloving Light/Vibration? and How can we heal and set this right so as to let Love, ease,repparttar 122160 Golden Age, Heaven, The Garden of Eden, fun, play, openness back onto Earth fully manifest (As Above, So Below)? Alacrity, speed, sharpness, intelligence,repparttar 122161 lightning running acrossrepparttar 122162 sky,repparttar 122163 quick wit,repparttar 122164 quickness to anger,repparttar 122165 blinding flash of rage,repparttar 122166 intelligence that shames others...these are all of fast or "high" vibration. But they are not all loving. Speed of Spirit, of Mind, Intelligence are exhilirating, like a roller coaster, like driving a car really fast, a speeding motorcycle, a space ship that travels through space and time, a mystic who can travel in his conciousness instantly to all parts ofrepparttar 122167 universe. This is an exciting energy and can be really fun...but it is not always healthy or loving. When you look atrepparttar 122168 visible light spectrum from black to white, R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. (Black)- Red- Orange- Yellow- Green- Blue- Indigo-Violet- (White) it goes from slower to faster vibration of electro-magnetic energy as you go uprepparttar 122169 spectrum from black to white. Does this mean that we don't like red or orange? just because they are "lower" and "slower"? If we're honest,repparttar 122170 opposite is true on earth, many of us like red, orange and black better, they feel more powerful thanrepparttar 122171 other colors. It's crazy to label any color "bad" or "wrong" because they have a lower freguency of light vibration. The whole spectrum is needed for light to function. But that's what we do...we labelrepparttar 122172 "lower" chakras more "base" more animalistic thanrepparttar 122173 "higher" chakras, which are supposedly more "pure". An Updated Description ofrepparttar 122174 Colors of our Chakras (wheels of energy) 1st Chakra - Red isrepparttar 122175 color of our survival chakra,repparttar 122176 perineum, our rectum, our asshole, which by our judging it harshly has been turned into our "kill or be killed" chakra. When someone feels their life threatened they often lose control of their bowels and bladder. The Red chakra in it's natural state is passion, heat, incredible warming sustaining, nurturing energy, likerepparttar 122177 red molten core ofrepparttar 122178 earth itself. We shame each other by calling each other "assholes". Whatrepparttar 122179 profanity,repparttar 122180 swear words, are in a culture tells us what that culture has judged. 2nd Chakra - Orange isrepparttar 122181 color of your creative sexual energy chakra, your lust for love and life. Your wanting to live, to create, to explore. We have also heavily judged this chakra as wrong when spontaneusly wanting to express. We feel we need to "civilize" it, shackle it, only give it certain socially appropriate ways of expressing. Most spiritual traditions have made this chakra "wrong", or "base" and needing to be controlled. Western religions like Christianity, Islam, Judaism have just avoided dealing with this chakra altogether and if anything only let it be understood that sex is basically animalistic and wrong in God's eyes. More sophisticated spiritual schools have said that "desire isrepparttar 122182 cause of suffering" and we must raise our energy intorepparttar 122183 higher chakras finally achieving liberation out throughrepparttar 122184 crown chakra. In these spiritual schools there is most often also a judgment against this chakra and an attempt to avoid having to deal with sex, lust, desire by focusing onrepparttar 122185 higher chakras. This does not work and often spiritual schools, monasteries, retreats, churches have active sex lives going on but in denial with everyone pretending it is not happening. 3rd Chakra - Yellow isrepparttar 122186 color of our Solar (sun = yellow) Plexus. Our feeling, sensing, intuitive center. This chakra has inrepparttar 122187 fallen creation maderepparttar 122188 decision of "flight or fight". This is where we feel our fear, our "butterflies" in our stomach is when this chakra is vibrating and sensing, trying to send us messages. We have judged this chakra heavily also. "You yellow bellied...so and so...". We have shamed each other into denying our fears. "Oh, no I'm not afraid. I'm willing to dorepparttar 122189 risky stupid thing so I don't look weak in front ofrepparttar 122190 group". It has become easy to control others on earth by challenging their courage and calling them scared- "pussies"- wimps. 5000 wars have been fought on earth in recorded history by getting men to deny their fear and "Charge!" ahead to prove their courage and manhood mostly to their death. This has caused massive damage torepparttar 122191 intuitive 3rd - yellow - solar chakra and so most men have lost touch with their intuition and are therefore easily controllable and without real free wills. 4th Chakra - Green isrepparttar 122192 color of Heart and also, not surprisingingly,repparttar 122193 color of Love expressing on planet earth in her mostly green lifeforms. When earth receivesrepparttar 122194 Love ofrepparttar 122195 Sun what colour does she exuberantly overflow with? Green! all overrepparttar 122196 place! Heart isrepparttar 122197 solution,repparttar 122198 pivot point,repparttar 122199 gateway betweenrepparttar 122200 "above" and "below" chakras. Heart has been heavily denied, shamed, made fun of as impractical, naive, too sweet, too childlike, to function in our survival ofrepparttar 122201 fittest, dog-eat-dog world. Jesus of course was Heart and symbolically Heart is hung onrepparttar 122202 cross between heaven and earth and killed, sacrificed. Heart disease isrepparttar 122203 leading cause of death in allrepparttar 122204 western countries because those arerepparttar 122205 countries where we have most heavily denied our hearts in favor of technology-mechanism-intellect. Without opening this chakra there is no possibility of having real enjoyable Life on earth.

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