Who Is REALLY The Boss Here?

Written by Lois R. Thompson

A quote from Napoleon Hill states: "Your own mental attitude is your real boss". Is this true of your situation?

In an employee to employer relationship your 'boss' isrepparttar real boss. You are required to meetrepparttar 122601 demands of that employer in order to getrepparttar 122602 job done and secure your position and subsequently your income. As a work from home entrepreneur, you are now employed not by an outside organization but by Yourself. Your success in then based upon 100% of your actions or lack of actions. So, who really is your boss? You guessed it! You are!

It is then your responsibility to your business to commit 100% of your ability. You and you alone can controlrepparttar 122603 focus of your mind, your thoughts and actions.

Your mind hasrepparttar 122604 power to order you to take or not to takerepparttar 122605 necessary action for repparttar 122606 success of your business.

What does this all mean to you?

The focus of your thought life can determine your success or failure in any venture. You can either settle in torepparttar 122607 slavery of negative thinking, which usually results in non-action. Or you can break free for negativism and failure and becomerepparttar 122608 master of your own destiny.


Written by Alvin Davis


More and more business professionals are deciding to offer an ezine as a way of building online credibility. Those same people have interesting networking opportunities withrepparttar subscribers of their ezines especially if they understand that their Subscribers are professionals who all have similar interests.

Now, there are not many avenues open for subscribers to network with ezines.

This holiday season would be a great time to set up a network between subscribers and ezines that could berepparttar 122600 start of a whole new online marketing strategy for 2002.

Here's a system that can double your subscriber base and help your subscribers in return: NETWORKING with EZINES 2002 http://www.replicate99.com/viralmlm/1.shtml

A way to consistently reward your network is to turn your networking efforts into networking systems (in other words, developing strategic marketing alliances). If you and your alliance share a similar target market, you can effectively cross-promote or share markets with each other. And while there are as many different forms of systematized networking out there as there are businesses, nothing is quite as effective as "Network Marketing" in it's purest form.

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