Who Is A Terrorist?

Written by Arthur Zulu

There are angels and angels. Likerepparttar cherubs. Likerepparttar 132610 seraphs. And Satanrepparttar 132611 devil, himself. There are prophets and prophets. Like Jesus Christ. Like Muhammad. Like Siddhartha Guatama. And there are terrorists and terrorists. Like. . . . Don't think that I am going to mention Osama Bin Laden. Or some madman wielding a bomb, a gun , or a knife. No! Because there have come to be many terrorists after September 11, 2001.

The Shorter Oxford Dictionary on Historical Principles definesrepparttar 132612 word terrorist as " anyone who attempts to further his views by a system of coercive intimidation". But today that definition is relative. Because we are all terrorists! Forgetrepparttar 132613 Palestinian suicide bombers. Ignorerepparttar 132614 Muslim fundamentalists. Do not think of those ones doing havoc in Indonesia, Russia or East Africa. And remember notrepparttar 132615 several "terrorist" groups mushrooming aroundrepparttar 132616 world. Yes, forget them.

Now, look around you, and you will come to see that you do not have to go too far to look for a terrorist. Because that husband who turns his wife into a punching bag is a terrorist. Because that smoker who carelessly threw awayrepparttar 132617 butt of his burning cigarette intorepparttar 132618 bush, which eventually starts a conflagration is a terrorist. Becauserepparttar 132619 worker who goes on strike to demand better pay is also a terrorist. The list has not ended.

If you are suspected of producing nuclear weapons, especially if you live in North Korea, you are a terrorist. If it is thought that you are hiding weapons of mass destruction, and your country is called Iraq, you are a terrorist. If you are an Arab Muslim fromrepparttar 132620 Middle-East, you are a terrorist. If you are an undocumented immigrant inrepparttar 132621 United States, you must be a terrorist. I am not yet finished.

What's the Difference Between an Auto Mechanic and a Medical Surgeon?

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Doctors in West Virginia refused to treat patients because of rising medical malpractice insurance premiums. A majority of doctors in most other states are cutting back on patient care because of rising malpractice insurance premiums. I have a riddle for those doctors: What'srepparttar 132610 difference between an auto mechanic and a medical surgeon? Answer: An auto mechanic doesn't leave his tools insiderepparttar 132611 object he worked on!

A study by researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard School of Public Health found that surgeons ignorerepparttar 132612 standard practice of countingrepparttar 132613 surgical tools before and after an operation, resulting in tools being left insiderepparttar 132614 bodies of 1,500 people each year. The actual number of people with surgical tools left inside their bodies is much higher because hospitals are not required to report mistakes.

Surgeons leave clamps, electrodes, sponges and other surgical tools insiderepparttar 132615 bodies of people. In several cases, 11 inch metal retractors where left inside people. Sometimesrepparttar 132616 people didn't know that a surgical tool had been left inside their body. Many ofrepparttar 132617 tools where found in later surgeries.

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