Who Else Knows These Facts About Trampolines

Written by Paul Johnson

"El trampolino" wasrepparttar Mexican word for "diving board", and one ofrepparttar 151136 many words in common usage, which was once actually trademarked as "trampoline".

The first gold medal awarded in Olympic trampoline competition, went to Irina Karavaeva, of Russia. The event, which took place atrepparttar 151137 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, was witnessed by George Nissen,repparttar 151138 86 year-old inventor ofrepparttar 151139 trampoline.

The famous picture taken inrepparttar 151140 late 50s, of inventor George Nissen on a trampoline with a "tame" kangaroo, was only accomplished by Nissen holding its front paws when they got on it, sorepparttar 151141 animal could not kick him.

The Gillingham Jumpers, a club based in Kent, England, isrepparttar 151142 largest known trampoline club inrepparttar 151143 world, with 1500 members bouncing aroundrepparttar 151144 Jumpers Rebound Centre, every week.

Trampolines have enteredrepparttar 151145 arena of "extreme sports", with some centers offering a combination of bungee jumping and trampoline jumping, where participants wear a harness attached to bungee cord rigging, that allows them to bounce extra high offrepparttar 151146 trampoline, withoutrepparttar 151147 danger of falling if they lose their balance.

Tennis Humor - The Gift Of Making People Laugh At The Game Of Tennis

Written by glenn sheiner

To those of us who love to playrepparttar game of tennis, it isrepparttar 151135 competition,repparttar 151136 athletic challenge andrepparttar 151137 potential for artistic shot making that usually gets us going emotionally. There's little time for tennis humor as we focus on ripping that next shot for a winner.

But take a step back or just start watching some tennis matches at your club and you'll begin to seerepparttar 151138 humorous situations that abound in our game. Of course, just like mother-in-law jokes are a staple of marriage humor, dysfunctional tennis dynamics arerepparttar 151139 source of most tennis humor. And tennis humor inrepparttar 151140 form of tennis jokes or tennis cartoons on mugs, tshirts, mousepads, or greeting cards make great tennis gifts.

So, without further adieu here are a number of tennis dynamics that lend themselves to humor:

1. The married mixed doubles team. Need I say more? This classic dynamic has caused guffaws atrepparttar 151141 best of times and divorces atrepparttar 151142 worst. And for those still in dating mode -- tread very carefully!

2. The poseurs -- look great in their new tennis clothes which they claim they received as tennis gifts from a well known-touring pro, carry at least 3 ofrepparttar 151143 latest hi-tech rackets, and arerepparttar 151144 epitome of style until they have to hit that first ball. Of course, if truly desperate, they will feign injury while opening up a new can of balls to avoid public display of their atrocious strokes.

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