Who Created Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi Boxing)?

Written by C. Guan Soo

Who Created Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi Boxing)?

I have read a number of books, articles, and novels, and have watched movies and television series that touched onrepparttar origins of Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi Boxing), andrepparttar 150668 question, “Who Created Tai Chi Chuan?” made me concern very much!

Although knowingrepparttar 150669 origins orrepparttar 150670 source of Tai Chi Chuan is not going to have much effects on your learning and practicing ofrepparttar 150671 art, it is my responsibility to share withrepparttar 150672 masses of what I have found out. And understandingrepparttar 150673 origins of something that we loved so much about will make us appreciaterepparttar 150674 understand it better, if not improving our skills.

The legend was too well-known. And most people will tell and re-tellrepparttar 150675 stories of a priest named Zhang Sanfeng ofrepparttar 150676 Wudang Sect who found this special martial arts called Tai Chi Chuan. I was fascinated by these legends, and found myself believing them too… until I researched more deeply into its historical backgrounds. Some legends said that he gotrepparttar 150677 inspiration to create Tai Chi Chuan from observingrepparttar 150678 fight between a snake and a crane, and some said in he learned it from an immortal in a dream.


Yes, this theory is found in a recorded scripture.

Based on that written scripture, it was claimed that Zhang Sanfeng were summoned byrepparttar 150679 Emperor at that time, aroundrepparttar 150680 end of Song Dynasty. He was on his way torepparttar 150681 palace when he was surrounded by a group of over 100 bandits. Unable to breakthrough, he put a night up in hiding.

That night, he dreamt of meeting King Yuan, previous ruler of China in who appeared as an immortal in his dream. King Yuan taught him a special type of martial art in that dream.

Next day, with this new skill, Zhang Sanfeng defeatedrepparttar 150682 100 over bandits, single-handedly. From then onwards, Zhang Sanfeng began to teach this mysteriously acquired skill to his disciples and this art is known as Tai Chi Chuan.

Let's put asiderepparttar 150683 point about him defeating 100 over bandits single-handedly, which is very difficult to be accepted as a true point. Evenrepparttar 150684 existence of Zhang Sanfeng is very much speculated! Some claimed that he lived inrepparttar 150685 beginning of Yuan Dynasty; some claimed that he lived duringrepparttar 150686 Jin Invasion ofrepparttar 150687 Southern Song Dynasty; some claimed that he lived inrepparttar 150688 Song Dynasty; and some even said in Ming Dynasty. This is quite debatable.

On top of that, why King Yuan in his dream???

This is mainly becauserepparttar 150689 relationship between philosophies (some said religion) and martial arts are closely related. Since Daoism is very much rooted inrepparttar 150690 Chinese culture and it stresses on maintenance life, withrepparttar 150691 tendency towards achieving immortality,repparttar 150692 immortal King Yuan, came intorepparttar 150693 picture in this legend.

Many Chinese scholars and writers have disagreed with this record!

Even there’s common agreement that Zhang Sanfeng is notrepparttar 150694 one created Tai Chi Chuan, there are many disagreement regardingrepparttar 150695 origin of Tai Chi Chuan. There are many schools of thought. Some claimed that it began in Liang State ofrepparttar 150696 Southern Dynasty era - by Han Gongyue and Cheng Lingxi. There are claims that it was created by Xu Xuanpin or Li Daozi inrepparttar 150697 Tang Dynasty.

Based on more reliable sources and records, Tai Chi Chuan originated from Chen Wangting,repparttar 150698 9th generation ofrepparttar 150699 Chen clan of Chenjiagou in Nanwen District duringrepparttar 150700 late Ming Dynasty.

Stretch Marks Can Affect All Of Us

Written by David Stanton

Stretch marks can affect all of us. Many people assumerepparttar cause of stretch marks (also known as striae) is pregnancy, and so only pregnant women and mothers are affected. Body builders often suffer from striae, andrepparttar 150667 majority of these body builders are men. People who gain a great deal of weight are also susceptible to stretch marks. In short, anytime skin is stretched quickly or dramatically, striae are apt to appear.

Not only can striae affect both men and women, but they can affect children, teens, and adults. Skin is a remarkable organ. One of skin's most remarkable abilities is its ability to stretch.

Elastin and collagen are two ofrepparttar 150668 building blocks of skin. Collagen is a binding agent in skin. Elastin provides skin with, you guessed it, its elasticity.

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