Who Are the Key Players in Astrology?

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

Astrology has evolved overrepparttar many centuries of its existence from a fatalistic, even superstitious ritual meant for “kings” and “rulers” to a viable “art form” incorporating changes throughrepparttar 122361 centuries inrepparttar 122362 development of our understanding about human nature.

Let’s take a brief but loving journey throughrepparttar 122363 history of astrology and look at some ofrepparttar 122364 key players inrepparttar 122365 development ofrepparttar 122366 field. After all, you have to know your players!

Astrology as we know it came into being in ancient Chaldea/Bablyon (roughly modern Iraq) around 1645 BC withrepparttar 122367 first “horoscope” dating around 410 BC. “Astrology as we know it” meansrepparttar 122368 procedure of consultingrepparttar 122369 stars to pick favorable times for doing things, answering questions, forecasting mundane events and analyzing individual destiny by a horoscope. Interestingly,repparttar 122370 Rising Sign was first used for predictions, though sometimesrepparttar 122371 Sun, Moon or Part of Fortune was used as well.

Ptolemy Astrological progress was also made in Egypt, Greece and Rome. Ptolemy (85-165 CE) in Greece was perhaps our first famous unique astrologer and of course he is known for many other things as well.

Copernicus and Galileo Skipping ahead throughrepparttar 122372 Dark Ages in Europe, there were two famous men who emerged duringrepparttar 122373 Renaissance who practiced astrology, Copernicus (1473-1543) and Galileo (1564-1642). Both these men are famous inrepparttar 122374 scientific field, but at one time there was a comfortable and natural association between astronomy and astrology,repparttar 122375 exoteric andrepparttar 122376 esoteric ofrepparttar 122377 stars, if you will. In 1524repparttar 122378 credibility of astrology was severely and permanently affected when predictions aboutrepparttar 122379 “great conjunction” that year failed to come true.

Oddly,repparttar 122380 resurgence of interest in astrology today can be dated torepparttar 122381 birth of England’s Princess Margaret in 1930. That yearrepparttar 122382 “London Sunday Express” ran an astrological profile ofrepparttar 122383 princess that was so popular, it peaked a general interest in astrology and from this developed your newspaper’s “daily horoscope”, not that daily horoscopes have much to recommend them.

This is a beautiful little bit of circular history (the more things change,repparttar 122384 more they stayrepparttar 122385 same) because originally astrology was used only for royals. Others like serfs, slaves and peasants did not have much to their “fate” other than a life that was “nasty, brutish and short”. Butrepparttar 122386 fate of a nation hung onrepparttar 122387 destiny of its ruler and his or her horoscope was a critical interest to all.

Evangeline Adams The first astrologer of modern interest isrepparttar 122388 very interesting indeed Evangeline Adams (1868?-1933). Adams, who lied about her birth date, was consideredrepparttar 122389 “Mother of Modern Astrology”. She was a colorful figure who practiced in New York City duringrepparttar 122390 first half ofrepparttar 122391 20th century. Adams became famous because she predicted a hotel would catch fire. When she was put on trial, she insisted that astrology itself be put on trial. Astrology won! Adams asked forrepparttar 122392 horoscope ofrepparttar 122393 judge’s son and told him things about his own son that convinced him ofrepparttar 122394 veracity of this field. Adams’ life is fascinating and there are many biographies, anecdotes and discussions about her in magazines like “The Mountain Astrologer” and online. Among her clients are reputed to have been John Pierpont Morgan and Enrico Caruso.

Dane Rudhyar Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985), considered by some to berepparttar 122395 greatest astrologer who ever lived, was a tremendous force inrepparttar 122396 development of humanistic and spiritual astrology inrepparttar 122397 60s and 70s, beginningrepparttar 122398 interface of astrology with psychology that so enriched our field. Rudhyar’s essays and discussions are well worth reading today. Of particular interest in my opinion are his writings aboutrepparttar 122399 relationship betweenrepparttar 122400 Sun andrepparttar 122401 Moon. Rudhyar’s book: “Lunation Cycle: Key torepparttar 122402 Understanding of Personality” is a classic addition to any astrologer’s library.

Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson An unforgettable force inrepparttar 122403 field of astrology of a very different nature was Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson (1893-1990). With her professional precision and purity, Goldstein-Jacobson restoredrepparttar 122404 tools and techniques of modern astrology. Perhaps her most famous book is “Simplified Horary Astrology”.

Reinhold Ebertin Reinhold Ebertin (1901-1988), his mother Elsbeth and his son Baldur, have been a major force in both German and international astrology sincerepparttar 122405 beginning ofrepparttar 122406 century. Ebertin’s work with midpoints has been influential in developing an understanding of transits and prediction. His book to read is “Combination of Stellar Influences”.

Isabel Hickey Isabel Hickey (1903-1980) made a lasting impression on our field duringrepparttar 122407 first half ofrepparttar 122408 20th century as well. Ms. Hickey’s most popular book is called “Astrology: A Cosmic Science”. It was one ofrepparttar 122409 first astrology textbooks to teach a spiritual rather than fatalistic approach to chart interpretation.

Here's to Your Good Health with Astrology

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

Who doesn’t want to be healthy? I’ve been fascinated with health ever since I can remember. My grandmother’s best friend was bedridden with rheumatoid arthritis since she was in her early thirties. My own mother had chronic mental and physical illnesses (some would call it hypochondria). Seeing these people suffer set me on my path as a healer.

In my family, it was not an easy thing to be interested in good health. Believe it or not, being interested in health opened me to ridicule. Adele Davis, a pioneer inrepparttar health food community, was just beginning to write books like, “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit”. My father called her a “health food nut” and downed another piece of rare roast beef, two martinis, French fries and a Caesar salad, chased with a chain of PallMalls

My grandparents lived past 95 in excellent health. My parents died at 58 and 60. They cut more than 35 years off those wonderful genes with their lifestyle.

These arerepparttar 122360 principles I advocate for a lifetime of good health.

1.It’s your health. 2.Your physical health and your mental health arerepparttar 122361 same thing. 3.Be yourself.

Let me explain each one with some examples.

#1 It’s your health.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is your health. It’s notrepparttar 122362 doctor’s health orrepparttar 122363 government’s health. It’s your health and it’s your responsibility to keep yourself healthy.

The Greeks had a wonderful saying about this, “After 30, every man is his own doctor.”

If, byrepparttar 122364 time you’re 30, you don’t understand your own body and what makes it work, there is no power on earth that can save you from yourself.

•If there are some things that run in your family you’d like to change, learn about DNA reprogramming and healing with The Sunhealer at www.sunhealer.com

•Jesus is one of many great healers throughrepparttar 122365 ages. The first question Jesus asked a sick person was, “Do you want to be healed?” Ask yourself this question. Listen to your answer.

•Food is preventive medicine or slow poison. Please learn about your own body; takerepparttar 122366 time to educate yourself about nutrition; and avoid white sugar and white flour as if your life depended on it.

•Know your stress points. When you’re under stress, what’srepparttar 122367 first thing in your body to “go”? Is it your stomach, headaches, your back? From now on, this will be your flagship. Your body knows before you do, it’s time to make a change.

#2 Your physical health and your mental health arerepparttar 122368 same thing.

This principle is nifty for self healing because you can come at a problem either throughrepparttar 122369 mind or throughrepparttar 122370 body.

•If you’re feeling depressed, you can take Yoga and by putting your body into positions of self confidence and life force energy, your spirits will lift.

•If your stomach is tied up in knots allrepparttar 122371 time and you have chronic anxiety, you can raise in your consciousnessrepparttar 122372 idea of self acceptance andrepparttar 122373 concept that you are safe and wanted inrepparttar 122374 world and these symptoms will disappear.

•You can make changes inrepparttar 122375 physical world, such as leaving an abusive spouse and your mental and physical health will improve.

•The easiest and fundamental connection betweenrepparttar 122376 mind (mental health) and body (physical health) isrepparttar 122377 breath. When we breath consciously, no negative emotion can be present. Simple but profound, this is one ofrepparttar 122378 great secrets of meditation.

#3 Be yourself.

Trying to be something you’re not is life-threatening. Most people will interpretrepparttar 122379 statement “trying to be something you’re not” negatively. What we mean is, trying to be a different type of person than you naturally are.

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