Who's the guide, the Holy Spirit or us?

Written by James Sorrell

Many times, inrepparttar first Star Wars series, a "gold mine" for George Lucas, Obi-wan (the deceased Alec Guiness) says to Luke "trust your feelings", over & over again. Since we can be easily misled in our soul by satan & company, our feelings and emotions arerepparttar 109357 LAST thing we should trust, if ever! [Feelings & emotions were designed by God to come atrepparttar 109358 "END" of something to show us if we didrepparttar 109359 right thing or not, but NEVER "the caboose atrepparttar 109360 front ofrepparttar 109361 train", so to speak, where feelings & emotions are our 'guide'.....the "engine",repparttar 109362 H.S., of God's leading goes there, as any train-man will tell you. An "instinct" for something is better, but we should trust onlyrepparttar 109363 new spirit-nature indwelled byrepparttar 109364 Holy Spirit

Sona Institute Brings George Mason University To India

Written by J.L. Gandhi

Press Release

Bangalore India

13th July 2004

Sona Institute Brings George Mason University To India

Sona Valliappa Group a brand name driven by quality and built by value has been associated with education since 1958. The group is diversified in BPO, Textiles and Plantation playing a pivotal roll in industry. Vee Technologies today launched Sona Institute of Advanced studies (SIAS). SIAS has tied up with George Mason University Washington (GMU) to offer courses in Change Management. The GMU will offer its Post Graduate degree programs throughrepparttar Bangalore center. The students will have full access torepparttar 109356 GMU faculty and its online content.

Prof. Kingsley Haynesrepparttar 109357 Dean of GMU shared his views, ‘The tie up with SIAS is another step towards providing best opportunities for Indian students. The students will not incur enormous costs of travel and stay abroad far from their families.’

C.Valliappa Chairman who inaugurated SIAS said, withrepparttar 109358 problem of getting US visas becoming more and more difficult,repparttar 109359 SIAS offering would be an ideal solution.

Chocko Valliappa Founder Trustee says Change Management is becoming more and more important as companies move uprepparttar 109360 value chain from offshoring to outsourcing. Globalization, reengineering and outsourcing are all propoundingrepparttar 109361 need for change management.

Prof. JL Gandhirepparttar 109362 Dean will be responsible forrepparttar 109363 program. He mentioned thatrepparttar 109364 program would start onrepparttar 109365 27th of September structured over 5 semesters. The program will be structured for working professionals with classes held around weekends. Students successfully completingrepparttar 109366 program will be awarded Masters Degreerepparttar 109367 same asrepparttar 109368 one given inrepparttar 109369 USA. The students will benefit financially asrepparttar 109370 cost of doingrepparttar 109371 program in India will be a third of doingrepparttar 109372 same program inrepparttar 109373 USA. The program is open for corporate sponsorship by companies who wish to depute their key employees. Companies that sponsor more than 5 students in a single batch will be eligible to receive specialized consultancy services from George Mason.

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