"Who's In, Who's Out in the Continuing Saga of the Search Engine/Directory Wars"

Written by Merle

There have been a lot of changes onrepparttar search engine front in repparttar 128359 past year. So many that it's hard to keep track of who's still a major player and who isn't inrepparttar 128360 search engine game. With so many turning to "Pay for Submission and Pay per Click" models, there aren't a lot left that still accept free submissions. And of those that do,it's hard to tell exactly which ones are worth your time.

Let's reviewrepparttar 128361 list to see who's still standing, who's charging and who isn't:

1) Yahoo: http://add.yahoo.com/fast/add?+Business

This is not an engine, but a directory where listings are added by real humans. With over a million listings, Yahoo is considered repparttar 128362 largest directory online today. All commercial sites must pay a $299.00 fee to submit to "Yahoo Express" per year. Adult sites must pay $600.00 for submission. Be careful, though -- if they don't like your site they keep your fee. Yes, you heard it right. Even if they don't approve of your site and add it torepparttar 128363 directory they do not refund your submission fee.

Paying Yahoo for submission is notrepparttar 128364 only way to get listed there. They also pullrepparttar 128365 top three bid positions from Overture (formerly Goto.com) and display them atrepparttar 128366 top ofrepparttar 128367 search results pages. Yahoo calls those listings "Sponsor Matches,"and also runs more Overture listings atrepparttar 128368 bottom ofrepparttar 128369 page,under repparttar 128370 heading "More Sponsored Matches."

2) Altavista: http://altavista.com/addurl/

Reaches over 45 million visitors worldwide and one ofrepparttar 128371 few still offering free submission. However, inclusion - if you are accepted - can take a while. But you can ensure that your site will be placed quickly by opting for their "Express Inclusion" service. For six months, one URL submission will run you $39.00, with 2-10 URL's for an additional $29.00 each.

Altavista also displays Overture's top 4 bid positions atrepparttar 128372 top ofrepparttar 128373 search results page, underrepparttar 128374 heading "Products and Services." These listings include descriptions.And Altavista runs more Overture results atrepparttar 128375 bottom ofrepparttar 128376 page. These are just clickable links without descriptions.

3) Google: http://www.google.com/addurl.html

Still a Net favorite, Google is used more than 150 million times a day for searches. Free submission is still an option. Google also provides results to other engines and directories such as Netscape Search, Yahoo and AOL Search. They recently launched their own "Pay Per Click" program, called "Ad Words Select." This allows you to bid on key phrases or words, and when someone searches for those words, your text ad is shown inrepparttar 128377 right-hand column onrepparttar 128378 search results page. For more on this go to: https://adwords.google.com/select/main?cmd=Login

Ad Words Select will cost you 5.00 and a credit card number to get your site enrolled. Google is alsorepparttar 128379 exclusive provider of sponsored links to AOL Search, pullingrepparttar 128380 sponsored links from its Ad Words Select Program. The top 3 ads will be displayed as sponsored links on AOL.Netscape will begin displaying Google's Ad Words sponsored links come August of 2002.

4) Inktomi: http://www.inktomi.com/products/web_search/submit.html

Provides results to many engines and directories such as Iwon, MSN, Hotbot, and more. Each URL submission will cost you $39.00 per year and only $25.00 a year for each URL thereafter.The benefit of listing with Inktomi isrepparttar 128381 exposure your site will receive with its search partners.

5) The Open Directory Project: http://dmoz.org/add.html

Also known as DMOZ,repparttar 128382 ODP is hosted and administered by Netscape Communication Corp. All submissions are reviewed by a human before being added torepparttar 128383 directory and each category has what is called an "ODP Editor" who is responsible for that category.

DMOZ provides results to many search partners, such as All The Web, DirectHit, HotBot, Google, Lycos, Altavista, etc. Submission is free, although cumbersome. You'll have to drill down to findrepparttar 128384 appropriate category to submit to, then clickrepparttar 128385 "add URL" link located atrepparttar 128386 top ofrepparttar 128387 page.

6) Overture: (formerly known as Goto.com) http://www.overture.com/

Solely a Pay Per Click search engine, with Overture you choose key words/ phrases that you want your site to appear under and try to outbidrepparttar 128388 competition for a top billing. The higher you bid,the higher your URL onrepparttar 128389 search results page. They have a $20.00 a month spending minimum and a minimum bid of 0.05 per keyword/phrase.

The biggest benefit of being listed here isrepparttar 128390 relationship that Overture has with some ofrepparttar 128391 other major search engines /directories. Basically, if you bid intorepparttar 128392 top 3 or 4 positions, your site will also enjoy top listings in Yahoo, Altavista, MSN, Lycos, Infospace, Ask Jeeves, CNET and more. Generally, these listings are shown as "sponsored links" atrepparttar 128393 top of their search results page. Trying to get those top bid positions is well worth it withrepparttar 128394 type of exposure you'll receive on some ofrepparttar 128395 majors. They recently lost repparttar 128396 contract to supply sponsored links to AOL Search, but they do still provide search results for AOL's Europe Net properties inrepparttar 128397 UK, France and Germany.

7) Excite: http://www.Excite.com

Once a major player, Excite now resembles more of a Portal since being bought out a few years ago by @home, which subsequently went bankrupt. Search results are now pulled from Overture and Looksmart. As you can no longer submit directly to Excite, if you want to be listed here you'll need to open an account with one ofrepparttar 128398 above to make an appearance.

8) LookSmart: http://www.LookSmart.com

A directory compiled by humans providing results to MSN, Iwon, Altavista, and others. Some of Looksmart's listings come from Inktomi as a back up. Now strictly a Pay Per Click directory, it will cost you a $49.00 set-up fee and .15 per click thru with a minimum of $150.00 account deposit. Looksmart angered a lot of its users when they announced this change. It remains to be seen if this policy shift results inrepparttar 128399 death of Looksmart or turns out to be a smart business decision.

Keyword killer Tips

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

Though there may be more than a thousand ways to generate traffic to your website, keywords are extremely critical to blasting your website intorepparttar limelight. Stats prove that almost 90% of targeted ready to buy traffic comes through search engines. So here are a few more killer tips that will have a dramatic impact on your e-business:

1. Optimize each of your pages for a different keyword.

2. Prepare your page for submission torepparttar 128358 popular search engines such as Alta Vista, InfoSeek, excite etc. as follows:

Go torepparttar 128359 respective search engine and make a search for your targeted keyword selected throughrepparttar 128360 procedure described in section `About Keywords..` http://www.snzeport.com/dlarticles/keywords.htm

For each ofrepparttar 128361 top ten sites that come up dorepparttar 128362 following:

-Click `View` on your browser.

-Select `Source`.

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