Who's Got The Power In Your Life?

Written by Dave Cole

Have you ever attempted to do something and failed?

I'm not talking about something outside of your capabilities. I doubt that any of us could run a 4 minute mile or bench press 400 pounds.

What I'm talking about here is trying to do something within your capabilities. For instance, you join up with an online business then diligently followrepparttar instructions they give you on how to promote. Really give it your best shot.

But.....seems like things just aren't going right.

You're not getting nearrepparttar 126361 responses. And remember howrepparttar 126362 literature you read before joining said you could make thousands of dollars every month?

And, oh yeah....remember how easy they said it was going to be? That was right after they hit you with all those testimonials from folks who were already raking it in!

The folks who were living in huge, expensive houses and were now laying on some beach inrepparttar 126363 Bahamas with their laptops busily counting allrepparttar 126364 money they were making.

What went wrong?

Is your mind telling you things like: "I must be doing something wrong." or, "I guess it works for some people, but not for me.".....along with a hundred other litanies all containing expressions of self-doubt and thoughts that you, yourself are failing for whatever reason.

Think about that for a minute.

Andrepparttar 126365 next time you go to place your ads or give a business presentation: Are you first confronted by these memories of past discouragements?

What are these memories telling you? That perhaps you shouldn't have joined inrepparttar 126366 first place? Possibly they will be saying something like "There's no use in doing this, nobody will read it or respond to it anyway."


Written by Michael Angier

A reader fromrepparttar Middle East wrote to me recently asking how he could improve his low self-image. He said, "it ruins my social and professional life." He wanted to know what techniques he could employ to solve this lifelong problem.

I felt somewhat inadequate in my reply to him and resolved to write about my own struggles to improve self-esteem in hopes that it will be helpful to others.

The dictionary says that esteem means, "to regard with respect; to prize, to appreciate. To recognizerepparttar 126360 quality, significance, or magnitude of, to admire greatly; to value."

I know people who have too much confidence and self-pride, but I don't know ANYONE with too much self-esteem. Most people, in moments of profound honesty, will admit to a lack of self-esteem. They would like to feel better about themselves--more confident and capable--in short, to love themselves more.

It would probably be fair to say that most social problems arerepparttar 126361 result--directly or indirectly--of someone's low self-concept.

Not too many years ago, I was going through a dark time in my life. I was broke--financially, personally, socially--even spiritually. In describing it to someone once, I said, "I hadrepparttar 126362 self-esteem of a dead rat." That might have been overstating it a bit but not much.

My life--and my confidence--is much better today. MUCH better.

So what changed? Was it outward circumstances? Did my environment change and with it my inner experience? No.

Somehow I knew that any changes would have to be from me. It would be an inner transformation that would eventually alterrepparttar 126363 outward experience.

Some ofrepparttar 126364 things I did unconsciously. Others were done with deliberation.

First and foremost, I removed myself from people who had been particularly critical. By distancing myself from this criticism, I was able to gain a better perspective. I was perfectly capable of taking my own inventory and didn't need someone else pointing out my errors and keeping me focused on my shortcomings.

I immersed myself in good books--books of inspiration, books that increased my belief and books that gave me hope. And hope was severely lacking.

A good therapist helped me to see myself in a better light. Because he wasn't emotionally involved in my problems, he was able to see things differently. He would often point out that things weren't nearly as bad as they appeared to be.

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