Who's Creating YOUR Reality?

Written by Rosella Aranda

“What is happening within us will create what happens outside us.” “There is no ‘out there’ out there, independent of what is going on in here.” “We are operating as if today were yesterday.” These quotes are taken fromrepparttar movie, “Whatrepparttar 145994 Bleep Do We Know?” This fascinating film demonstrates cinematically whatrepparttar 145995 Seth material told us years ago. Its basic premise is that we literally create our own reality. If there is conflict, turmoil or frustration in our outer experience,repparttar 145996 cause lies inrepparttar 145997 inner realm of our minds. Our outer world is nothing more than an outward manifestation ofrepparttar 145998 mental images that we carry. Most of us have no trouble agreeing with this onrepparttar 145999 surface, but . . . It’s Too Dark in There! Rather than explorerepparttar 146000 murky depths of our own soul, we would rather continue to look "out there" in hopes of finding someone else who might "crawl inside our heads" and fix us. So we buyrepparttar 146001 latest andrepparttar 146002 greatest self-help package that catches our eye, but in short order we're back to where we started from. Did you know that many people never even userepparttar 146003 programs they purchase? These people are defeated before they ever get started! And even forrepparttar 146004 most determined people who actually do everything suggested,repparttar 146005 results have been fragile, artificial and short-lived. Why is that? Ideas Must Be Planted in a Fertile Mind It’s not so much that these reprogramming methods are faulty. It's just thatrepparttar 146006 people who want and need these tools lackrepparttar 146007 basic sense of self-worth that would allow any desirable ideas to take root. It's almost as if there were an invisible demon inside shoveling outrepparttar 146008 good stuff as quickly as we can put it in! It's a bit like trying to plant flowers in a chalk garden. They will not grow. This is why it is crucial to first expose and releaserepparttar 146009 underlying subconscious beliefs that are holding us back. The circumstances behind how and why these harmful beliefs got lodged inrepparttar 146010 first place are as unique and varied as

Checked Into Nirvana. Where Is Joy?

Written by Abraham Thomas

Eckhart Tolle lived upto his twenty ninth year in a state of almost continual anxiety interspersed with periods of suicidal depression. Then he woke up one night with a feeling of absolute dread. The silence ofrepparttar night,repparttar 145958 vague outlines ofrepparttar 145959 furniture inrepparttar 145960 dark room,repparttar 145961 distant noise of a passing train - everything felt so alien, so hostile, and so utterly meaningless that it created in him a deep loathing ofrepparttar 145962 world. "I cannot live with myself any longer." This wasrepparttar 145963 thought that kept repeating itself in his mind. Suddenly he became aware that if he could not live with himself, there had to be two - he andrepparttar 145964 "self" he could not live with. He was stunned byrepparttar 145965 realization. He became enveloped by powerful feelings.

Tolle had little memory of what happened afterrepparttar 145966 powerful feelings overcame him. He woke up into a new world. His depression vanished. Forrepparttar 145967 next five months, he lived in a state of uninterrupted bliss. While it diminished somewhat in intensity, for another two years, he sat on park benches in a state ofrepparttar 145968 most intense joy. He felt that what he experienced was a form of enlightenment, of union withrepparttar 145969 eternal, somewhat similar torepparttar 145970 experiences of Buddha. He quoted Buddha's definition of enlightenment as "the end of suffering". Tolle became a respected teacher, with dedicated followers in Europe, North America and India. His book, The Power of Now, was onrepparttar 145971 New York Times best seller list.

Both Tolle and Buddha reportedly experienced a sudden release fromrepparttar 145972 intense pain of powerful negative emotions. Their joy was understandable. Across history, there were many stories ofrepparttar 145973 intense rapture of sages, associated with a sudden release fromrepparttar 145974 emotions of fear, dread, guilt or anger. In most cases, these were sudden happenings, when such emotions just dropped away andrepparttar 145975 person felt an intense sense of freedom. But, actually, getting rid of negative emotions could be very practical and down to earth. The mind perceives, recognizes events and then interprets those events as emotions. Emotions are just a set of nerve impulses, which fire when you recognize an event.

Paul Eckman,repparttar 145976 world famous emotions scientist said thatrepparttar 145977 evaluation that turned on an emotion happened so quickly that people were not aware it was occurring. "We become aware a quarter, or half second afterrepparttar 145978 emotion begins. I do not choose to have an emotion, to become afraid, or to become angry. I am suddenly angry. I can usually figure out later what someone did that causedrepparttar 145979 emotion." So you have no control overrepparttar 145980 emotions that are triggered when you recognize an event. But, there were things you could do to prevent a surge of those emotions.

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