Whizlabs MCSD .NET 70-316 Certification Primer

Written by Whizlabs Software

With .NET, Microsoft is also espousing a vision, this time about howrepparttar Internet can make businesses more efficient and deliver services to consumers. The present enterprise setup's need to have n-tier architecture with diverse platforms and object models communicating with each other. The present applications are to be created such that those applications have to run in any platform (like Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix etc.) and which consist of components written in many programming languages and object models.

Many language vendors have tried to upgrade their languages, but there is a limit to which they have been successful since they have to maintain backward capability and face many other problems too. To solverepparttar 109338 problem ofrepparttar 109339 current programmers Microsoft has come with a very promising solution "The .NET Platform".

.NET provides a number of benefits that will make developers more productive, reducerepparttar 109340 number of bugs, speed application development, and simplify deployment. IT managers are understandably wary, since .NET is a new technology that requires a moderately steep learning curve. For most organizations, however,repparttar 109341 benefits will far outweighrepparttar 109342 negatives; and with .NET, you'll see great productivity gains for future development projects.

.NET certification isrepparttar 109343 premier credential for professionals who design and develop leading-edge business solutions with Microsoft .NET development tools, technologies and platforms.

You might want to consider takingrepparttar 109344 MCSD 70-316 exam to: ·Gain valuable skills, knowledge and expertise ·Raise your income ·Increase your job opportunities ·Earn more respect from your peers ·Improve your job security

Earning a Microsoft certification acknowledges your expertise in working with Microsoft products and technologies and sets you apart fromrepparttar 109345 crowd as a development professional. Microsoft certification demonstrates that you haverepparttar 109346 ability to successfully implement Microsoft business solutions for your organization or client. This article will provide a basic understanding ofrepparttar 109347 scope ofrepparttar 109348 certification and will also give details aboutrepparttar 109349 certification along withrepparttar 109350 useful resources to get started. What you need to know for MCSD 70-316? As a competent developer, you should be proficient in creating Windows applications that have a smooth look and feel.

Inrepparttar 109351 Exam 70-316, Microsoft tests your skills on developing Windows based applications with VS.NET/C# on seven objectives.

Exam Objectives Weightage of Questions

1) Creating User Services 15 % 2) Creating and Managing Components and .NET Assemblies 18% 3) Consuming and Manipulating Data 20% 4) Testing and Debugging 12% 5) Deploying a Windows-based Application18% 6) Maintaining and Supporting a Windows-based Application5% 7) Configuring and Securing a Windows-based Application12%

For a detailed break up of topics covered inrepparttar 109352 MCSD .Net 70-316 exam, you can visitrepparttar 109353 Microsoft certification web page. The above certification page will provide you with a bird's eye view ofrepparttar 109354 skills you should focus on. Duringrepparttar 109355 course of this article I'll point you to resources where you can go and read up onrepparttar 109356 skills listed on this page. The Skills being measured section ofrepparttar 109357 page hasrepparttar 109358 break up ofrepparttar 109359 seven objectives as to which skills will be measured inrepparttar 109360 exam.

Microsoft's exam 70-316, "Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET", is a core requirement forrepparttar 109361 MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) for Microsoft .NET certification and is a core or elective requirement forrepparttar 109362 MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) for Microsoft .NET certification. It is designed for candidates who "work on a team in a medium or large development environment that uses Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Enterprise Developer Edition."

The MCSD 70-316 exam measures your ability to develop and implement Windows-based applications by using Windows Forms andrepparttar 109363 Microsoft .NET Framework. Candidates have at least one year of experience developing Windows-based applications. Candidates should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Visual C# .NET.

MCSD 70-316 Exam Specifics

Allrepparttar 109364 questions are Multiple Choice Questions andrepparttar 109365 total number of questions inrepparttar 109366 exam ranges from 55 to 60. The time allotted is 150-175 minutes. This exam is moderately difficult and costs 125 USD. It may be taken from Pearson Vue or Thomson Prometric. Previously, Microsoft used to provide only Pass/Fail status forrepparttar 109367 MCSD 70-316 exam, but now 700 isrepparttar 109368 minimum score required. Microsoft has also incorporated a new style of question where you get a split-screen. The question is atrepparttar 109369 very top, drag-and-drop items onrepparttar 109370 bottom left and configuration screens onrepparttar 109371 bottom right. You will have plenty of time to answerrepparttar 109372 exam questions, so there is no need to rush. If you have spare time available, you can double checkrepparttar 109373 questions and ensure that you have read them correctly and actually answeredrepparttar 109374 question as intended.

What you need to do to pass MCSD 70-316 exam? First, you should get involved in overview of .NET framework and also identifyrepparttar 109375 tools and services provided by .NET framework. After getting familiar withrepparttar 109376 tool and services available, you need to get well versed withrepparttar 109377 windows forms. To get started on Windows forms you can readrepparttar 109378 article available on MSDN. It'll give you a good introduction to Windows Forms.

.NET is completely object oriented. It is likely that you will see a question or two on OOP concepts. You need to get a through understanding of OOP Concepts like Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Exceptional Handling etc. Interoperability is an important area to focus on while preparing for MCSD 70-316 exam. Active X controls ofrepparttar 109379 pre .NET age are not directly supported by Winforms but they are completely re-usable using wrapper classes. You will be asked a question or two onrepparttar 109380 accessibility features of Windows forrepparttar 109381 physically challenged users.

After getting familiar with user services, you should get familiar with how to create and manage components. This involves dealing with how to create and manipulate .NET assemblies. In this regard satellite assemblies seem to be one ofrepparttar 109382 favorites of Microsoft for MCSD 70-316 Exam. So you may get some questions related to satellite assemblies and not to mention, resource assemblies also.

When it comes to manipulating data in .NET, there are two sources of data you would widely be dealing with - XML & Relational Databases. You will be using ADO.NET to interact with relational databases. A good grasp on ADO.NET is very essential for clearing this paper. MSDN provides you an article that gives you a good overview of ADO.NET.

I will also recommend Professional ADO.NET from Wrox Publications as a good resource. Professional C# also has a very good section on ADO.NET.

Another objective checked inrepparttar 109383 70-316 exam mainly concentrates on your familiarity withrepparttar 109384 Visual Studio .NET debugger. You need to have a clear understanding ofrepparttar 109385 tools provided by Visual Studio .NET for debuggingrepparttar 109386 application. Apart from Visual Studio .NET this section largely stresses upon Tracing. Tracing is a feature by which you can write logs to a particular location (could be a text file). You can changerepparttar 109387 level of tracing you want to perform in a live production environment.

Encourage Personality Testing

Written by Kate Hufstetler

I was askedrepparttar other day : "Kate, is personality testing novelty, frivolity, or common sense?" The answer is: It depends on whether or not you utilize them properly.

I highly recommend them for anyone who is in a relationship of any kind: business, friendships, family, etc. (so all of us)

Personality tests enhance our perspective. The best way to utilize a personality test result is by looking for strengths (to enhance) and identifying weaknesses (to downplay or eliminate). When we haverepparttar 109337 results, we can see our natural tendencies at that particular moment in time  to lean in certain directions with our personality. When we are under stress or major life changes (both good and bad) our way of responding torepparttar 109338 world may not berepparttar 109339 typical way we interact with others.

Taking a test when life is pretty calm and regulated will give you a chance to see your natural tendencies. Some personality traits are inborn. Yet parts of personality can be consciously cultivated over time. Personality can also be altered in a traumatic moment. The test results give us a chance to see where we are at now, how we interact, and what benefits can be gleaned from that information.

What to do with test results:

1) Look for opportunities to use your natural strengths. * If you are great with data and shy with people -- think about switching to a division within your company in which research is more prominent than direct customer contact. * If you are a knowledge seeker -- help others research and gain information on vacation ideas, background information, parenting techniques, etc. Find opportunities daily to bless those around you.

2) Look for chances to correct weaknesses rather to keep inflicting them on others unconsciously. * If you have a tendency toward jealousy-- lighten up and hold your tongue when your mate wants an innocent night out with friends. * If you lean towards being argumentative-- again, back up and hold off any rebuttal until you have seriously considered your bosses viewpoint. See what you might learn in this instant rather than trying to prove it doesn't apply to you. Check for ways you can grow as a more rounded individual by working on your current rough spots.

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