White Noise and 10 other Soothing Sounds for Calming a Colicky Infant

Written by Cherie Stirewalt

Recreatingrepparttar "whoosh" inrepparttar 143452 womb.

The crying – oh,repparttar 143453 crying. A colicky baby can really drive you torepparttar 143454 edge. Failed attempts to soothe her crying may leave you wondering if you are cut out to be a parent after all. But, don’t worry, you are. You just need to arm yourself with some tools to battle each colic-crying outburst. But, first, let’s define why your colic baby cries. The most popular theory from scientists lately is an underdeveloped and immature nervous system. I know all women who have given birth can attest torepparttar 143455 fact that a baby has a big head. Right? Wrong. Actually, a baby’s head isn’t big enough to house a brain that is mature enough to have allrepparttar 143456 survival tools a human infant needs. Their brain is onlyrepparttar 143457 size of an apple. The birth canal cannot handle a bigger head (thank God). So, when a baby is born,repparttar 143458 only inherent survival skills are sneezing, sucking, swallowing and….CRYING! Most babies (80%, that is) are capable of crying for a reason, and then calming themselves down. These are usually what I call “the good sleepers” or “easy babies”. They are awake for awhile to learn and accept stimuli. Then they sleep to recover and awake to take in more stimuli. Unfortunately, a colicky baby is usually NOT a “good sleeper” or an “easy baby”. They are high-maintenance. Their nervous system is overloaded with allrepparttar 143459 sights and sounds of a new world. And by about dinner time, they’ve had it. The crying begins. Once they start crying, they lackrepparttar 143460 mechanism to calm themselves down. In my experience, most mothers with colicky infants tellrepparttar 143461 same story. Their baby fights going to sleep. They won’t take a nap. They won’t stay asleep once they do finally go to sleep. These poor babies never takerepparttar 143462 time to recover from allrepparttar 143463 stimuli they have taken in overrepparttar 143464 course of a day.


Written by Sunil Tanna

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