Whiskey: An Antidote For Cancer?

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

Some scientists believe that whiskey may be one ofrepparttar keys to preventingrepparttar 150699 Big C

For a quite a number of years, liquor has been known not only to bring destructive intoxication and addiction upon its patrons, but also as deterrent to a healthy lifestyle. But as a potential weapon against cancer? Sounds controversial.

Rumors that single malt whiskey may be a tool to combat cancer have begun circulating recently. Whether it actually holds any water has yet to be proven. According to one ofrepparttar 150700 theory’s proponents, a consultant torepparttar 150701 whiskey industry, Dr. Jim Swan,repparttar 150702 antioxidants present in whiskey, particularly ellagic acid, can reducerepparttar 150703 risk of developing cancer, since this acid fightsrepparttar 150704 unstable atoms that aid in rapid cell replication. He added thatrepparttar 150705 more cells were produced,repparttar 150706 more likely that rogue cancer cells will be born. “Whiskey can protect you from cancer and science proves it,” he said, speaking atrepparttar 150707 EuroMedLab 2005 conference in Glasgow. Dr Swan explained that ellagic acid, which is in greater concentration in whiskey than in red wine, breaks downrepparttar 150708 harmful free radicals present in our body.

However, Cancer Research UK remains unconvinced. The agency has raised concerns that what Dr Swan and his supporters are pushing might mislead consumers into drinking excessive amounts of whiskey just to avoid cancer. Cancer Research noted that liquor intake can eventually lead to certain kinds of cancer, such as those inrepparttar 150709 esophagus, throat, mouth, bowel and liver. Dr Swan’s idea that whiskey can prevent cancer also received criticism, owing mostly to an absence of population data supporting them. Contrariwise, according torepparttar 150710 agency’s head of cancer information Lesley Walker, there exists evidence that high alcohol consumption does increase cancer risks. Ms Walker noted that while ellagic acid is a formidable antioxidant and may greatly aid inrepparttar 150711 fight against cancer, its presence in whiskey is not reason enough for people to begin drinking up, especially as ellagic acid can also be found in certain fruits.

Advantages Of A Gym Exercise Equipment

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

Now is a good season forrepparttar health conscious to check up onrepparttar 150698 latest in gym exercise equipment. A wide variety of gym exercise equipment is available inrepparttar 150699 market each designed to tonerepparttar 150700 specific part ofrepparttar 150701 body. So for that lasting impression as you stride downrepparttar 150702 beach and flaunt it, here are some ofrepparttar 150703 important aspects in choosingrepparttar 150704 right gym exercise equipment for you.

Know your body: whether you want to sportrepparttar 150705 firm and fit type or something as insanely huge asrepparttar 150706 Hulk, gamma radiation included, everyone has their own preference. For a first-timer, choosingrepparttar 150707 right gym exercise equipment can be attained in two ways: purchasing it from a sports store or to sign up in one of hundreds of gym establishments inrepparttar 150708 city.

One advantage in usingrepparttar 150709 gym exercise equipment in a gym isrepparttar 150710 selection of commercial models that will help you get in shape, if not faster then better. Commercial gym exercise equipment are a little more complicated to use, often with digital readouts and other computerized systems attached, butrepparttar 150711 outcome after usingrepparttar 150712 machine does show fantastic results after a few weeks. In addition to commercial gym exercise equipment, trainers are available to help you draw up a program to achieve that attention-grabbing body you always wanted. Be it in a posh place like Gold's Gym, or a neighborhood one that offers fifty bucks per session, these establishments holdrepparttar 150713 upper hand when it comes to quality gym exercise equipment.

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