Which of these mistakes are you making with ezine advertising?

Written by Jason Mann

Ezine advertising has been glorified by expertsrepparttar world over asrepparttar 100946 last refuge forrepparttar 100947 little guy/gal to make a buck online. Well, I hate to deliver bad news, and please don't shootrepparttar 100948 messenger, but there are some draw backs to ezine advertising and many ofrepparttar 100949 Inner Sanctum E-Letter subscribers are making them daily. Let's look atrepparttar 100950 most common mistakes and their solutions.

Mistake #1: Not Tracking Your ads.

Many business owners have no idea how they can track every ad they place. Whether for an affiliate program or their own product, they just don't know. Not knowing what ad is working and producingrepparttar 100951 sale will cost you and your business thousands of dollars. When you know what ad produces and what ad doesn't you can cutrepparttar 100952 worst ofrepparttar 100953 ads and only keeprepparttar 100954 ad/s which is producing for your business.

>>Solution:<< If you own your own website and domain name, you can track every ad by creating a special redirect link that is only used in that ad. Or you can add a question mark torepparttar 100955 end ofrepparttar 100956 URL and check that on your stats page.

A simple, http://www.yourdomainname.com/pagename.html?trackingcodehere will suffice in most cases. Check with your web host to see if have access to your web site stats log. Or sign up for one ofrepparttar 100957 free/fee tracking services online.

Mistake #2: Writing me-too ads.

When writing your ad you must take your ego, your desire to boast about you and your company, out ofrepparttar 100958 equation. An example of a me-too ad:

"Acme Law Offices have been in business for 20 years. Our staff of lawyers all graduated from Harvard Law School with honors. Call us at 1-800-acme-law today!"

>>Solution:<< Write benefit and results oriented ads. Example: "Guaranteed Settlements! Win your settlement guaranteed and save 43% on attorney fees by calling ACME Law Offices at: (blah,blah, blah)" This ad focuses completely onrepparttar 100959 end result,repparttar 100960 main benefit. Guaranteed Settlements. Which ad do you think would pull more responses?

Mistake #3: Running Classifieds.

Since they don't cost much, business owners tend to use classifieds to save costs. Classifieds are cheap, $5-$20 per ad, and in most cases run faster than solo or top sponosor ads becauserepparttar 100961 ezine publisher runs 10-20 per issue.

What's not so commonly known isrepparttar 100962 fact classified sections are often times scanned byrepparttar 100963 reader (I scan past them every time) and get very little eye time.

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Written by Heather Reimer

A simple classified ad placed in a highly targeted vehicle can be a great way to kick start your sales, especially if your company isrepparttar new kid onrepparttar 100945 block with low visibility and a small advertising budget. There are two components to this important equation:repparttar 100946 ad itself andrepparttar 100947 vehicle. Choosingrepparttar 100948 right ezine or website is an art form in itself and a story for another day. For now, let's focus on how to write a your own classified ads so they jump offrepparttar 100949 screen and demand attention. 1. The headline isrepparttar 100950 most important feature of your ad so spend lots of time on it. A good headline teases, entices and lures. Here's an example of a headline that DEMANDS to be read by everyone in business: Is Your Online Business "Wide Open" to Criminals? It is if you accept credit cards overrepparttar 100951 Internet or phone. Card-not-present fraud is onrepparttar 100952 rise. Banks and card companies won't reimburse these losses. Some merchants have lost everything. Don't berepparttar 100953 next victim. Click here to find out how to protect yourself. http://www.iib.com.au/ 2. Address your target market early and clearly so they know your message applies to them. "Is Your Online Business..." 3. Use simple language and short, punchy statements. 4. Decide on an appropriate length. Between five and seven lines formatted to 65 characters per line is most common but individual ezines may have different guidelines. 5. Focus on benefits. Your prospects don't care, for instance, that you're "the best inrepparttar 100954 tri-state area" (according to you).

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