Which domain name should I register?

Written by Tom

If you are looking for a domain name for a website, or if you want to invest in domain names, it can be difficult to figure out what to register. There are so many domain name extensions. What is a domain name extension? A domain extension, or tld (top level domain), isrepparttar final part of a domain name,repparttar 105205 part that comes afterrepparttar 105206 dot onrepparttar 105207 right. Examples of common domain name extensions are .com, .net, .org, .info, and .biz. These are also called gtlds (generic top level domains). So, for example, withrepparttar 105208 domain name somename.com, somename isrepparttar 105209 name and .com isrepparttar 105210 domain extension (tld).

There are also country code top level domain extensions (cctlds). Some examples of these are .us (USA), .cn (China), .in (India), .de (Germany), and .co.uk (UK). .TV (Tuvala) is also a country code extension but it is often sold as a general tld.

The most common and well known tld is .com. .Com wasrepparttar 105211 first extension to be used extensively by businesses online. It is considered by many to berepparttar 105212 king of all tlds because of how recognizable it is,repparttar 105213 clout it's use offers and because it isrepparttar 105214 extension most likely to be typed-in (people will actually typerepparttar 105215 .com domain name in their browsers to go directly torepparttar 105216 site even if they are not familiar with an actual site that may be there - this is free traffic in a sense). This can occur because people may assume all sites end in .com or that .com somehow is part of any name or it can occur due to "bleed" from other tlds - people see a name with some extension and when they go to look for it or type it in, they put .com instead. For many, .com truly isrepparttar 105217 internet.

.Net has generally seen less use than .com, but many still consider it to berepparttar 105218 second most valuable extension. Many isps do use it. .Org is used by many non profits, various organizations and government related sites. Considered by some to berepparttar 105219 second or third most valuable tld, in terms of recognition and resale price level. .Com, .net and .org arerepparttar 105220 original general use internet tlds. They are sometimes collectively referred to as CNO. They have been with us sincerepparttar 105221 mid/late 80's.

New tlds were released starting in late 2001 with .info. This was soon followed by .biz. .Info, likerepparttar 105222 previously discussed tlds, is a general use tld that can be registered by anyone without restrictions. It is considered by many to hold great promise (in terms of it gaining recognition with internet users), because ofrepparttar 105223 concept that it represents, information, which is a big part ofrepparttar 105224 reasonrepparttar 105225 internet exists, as a medium to transmit and retrieve information. It has seen some early success in terms of use and resales. A domain name resale is a domain sale by a registrant usually for much more thanrepparttar 105226 registration fee.

Proffiting from domain investment

Written by Dorry Mitchell

If you have a domain name that you are not using, or a site that you have to take down for some reason, thenrepparttar traffic that goes to that site is doing you no good at all. Instead of leavingrepparttar 105203 domain blank, or letting your hosting company (Like GoDaddy) get free publicity on your page, you can make money off your pages by letting a domain parking company place ads on your page that will be displayed to any visitors. You still ownrepparttar 105204 website andrepparttar 105205 domain, you just let them put ads onrepparttar 105206 pages for however long you want.

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