Which Web Host is right for you?

Written by Shawn Si

There are thousands of Web Hosting Companies out there and counting. How do I chooserepparttar ideal plan for my Web Site? The key here is to understand what your Web Site’s needs are. Once you know what is required, you can eliminate many options. These arerepparttar 134385 most important points that you need to focus on:

Determinerepparttar 134386 requirements of your site. Choosing an Operating System. Choosing between SHARED and DEDICATED solutions. Determine which hosting company is better.

So, what arerepparttar 134387 requirements of my site? Answer allrepparttar 134388 following questions. If there is any question that you do not knowrepparttar 134389 answer to, try to work with your Web Designer. If you do not have a Web Designer, try to ask any Web Hosting Provider. If you do not understand any ofrepparttar 134390 terms, see Web Hosting Terminologies at http://www.sirunet.com/WebHostingTerms.com.

    •How much Disk Space does your Web Site require? •How much Monthly Transfer (Bandwidth) do you need? •Is a Database required? If so, what Type of Database is required for your site? •What Scripting Languages does your web site use? •Does your site require Servlet Technology (Server-side scripting language)? •If so, What Servlet Technology does your web site use?
Some ofrepparttar 134391 questions above may have approximated answers. Try to do your best and it will help you when choosing your hosting provider and plan.

Most ofrepparttar 134392 sites out there need less than 100 Megabytes (MB) of disk space. Notice that one Megabyte is equivalence to eight Megabits, so do not be fooled by numbers. If your web site is not for heavy media downloads, in most cases you do not need more than 10 Gigabyte (GB) of Monthly Transfer. There is an equation that can be used to calculate your bandwidth: Monthly Transfer = Monthly Visitors x Average Hits per Visitor x Average Page Size

Unless you have a web site hosted already, otherwise it is impossible for you to determinerepparttar 134393 site’s monthly visitors and average page hits per visitor. So lets put this aside for now.

There are many types of databases. The most commonly used database types are MYSQL (Windows & UNIX), ODBC (Windows), and MS Access (Windows). By knowing what type of database you use, it will help you decide which Operating System to go for.

The most popular Scripting Languages are CGI and Perl. While most ofrepparttar 134394 web hosting plans include these as standard features, you do not have to worry too much here. Note: some Free Web Hosting plans DO NOT support scripting languages.

Choosing a Web Host with Servlet Technology is very hard because it is not commonly supported and even for those who say they support it, they do not have sufficient technical support. The most commonly used Servlet Technologies are Active Server Pages (ASP) and Java Server Pages (JSP). While JSP is best supported in both Windows and UNIX environment, ASP is currently well supported only in Windows. Although Sun Java System Active Server Pages do work on UNIX environment, it is still in testing stage; as of July 2004.

The Top 15 Essential Ingredients of Every WINDOWS HOSTING Plan (Package)

Written by Teeyes Siva

First things First. Why would you like to have Windows Based Hosting when there are Linux packages for cheaper rates ? The answer is – it depends on what application you are looking to use for your hosting. Considerrepparttar tools and scripting languages you plan to use – if you use PHP, Perl or MySQL, Linux isrepparttar 134384 way forward. If apps are Microsoft-specific, then Windows is what you need. Clear…? Now let’s proceed withrepparttar 134385 essential ingredients of any Windows Hosting Plan. 1.ASP Support – The clear reason why you chose a windows plan is to use Microsoft Specific Languages. Active Server Pages, Microsoft's technology to enables HTML pages to be dynamic and interactive by embedding scripts. Check allrepparttar 134386 windows hosting plans and make sure,repparttar 134387 host doesn’t charge for this extra.

2..NET Support – ASP.net isrepparttar 134388 next generation of Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP), a feature of their Internet Information Server (IIS). ASP.net is different from ASP in two major ways: it supports code written in compiled languages like C++, Visual Basic, and Perl, and, it features server controls that can separaterepparttar 134389 code fromrepparttar 134390 content, allowing WYSIWYG editing of pages. Most ofrepparttar 134391 hosts give this feature free of charge while few charge extra. Go for it if you really need it.

3.CDONTS - CDONTS stands for 'Collaboration Data Objects for Windows NT Server' and it’s a Messaging Component comes along with Windows NT/2000. A windows hosting plan without this is Incomplete. This provides yourepparttar 134392 easiest solution for your messaging thro’ your website ASP pages, provided you have SMTP support.

4.DATABASES – Microsoft Access 2000 Database is supported by allrepparttar 134393 windows hosting plans. This will do if you are a starter. For experienced campaigners, MS-Sql is a must have. This is an advanced feature and most ofrepparttar 134394 hosting companies charge extra. The control forrepparttar 134395 Databases must be provided inrepparttar 134396 Control Panel. Check that.

5.DATABASE Connection – DSN or DSNless Connections, whateverrepparttar 134397 case may be, please check ifrepparttar 134398 host has providedrepparttar 134399 option inrepparttar 134400 Control Panel to create/manage DSNs. (Data Source Name). If DSNs are NOT allowed, ask forrepparttar 134401 Connection String for DSNless connections.

6.ASP Components – Apart fromrepparttar 134402 default components, there are loads of third party software. Checkrepparttar 134403 list of such components thatrepparttar 134404 host provides. ASP Upload, ASPImage, Dundas Mailer, ASPjpeg, ASPEncrypt are few popular components. At times you may require to have your own components (DLLs) installed. This is provided by most ofrepparttar 134405 hosts, but afterrepparttar 134406 DLL undergoes a complete test inrepparttar 134407 server environment. This does not come free.

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