Which Web Business Model Is Right For You?

Written by Valerie Tay

Let's say you're a furniture dealer and you’ve decided to sell your products online. What sort of web business model is most suitable for you?

Web business models differ as torepparttar kind of skills andrepparttar 117001 specific responsibilities involved. Each model also has a particular source of profit. The three most common web business models are:

=>selling physical products =>offering services =>information delivery.

Product Sales

This isrepparttar 117002 web business model that comes to people’s mind most easily thanks to major product sales sites like amazon.com or online malls like neimanmarcus.com. This model is about selling physical products thatrepparttar 117003 merchant must ship to his customer upon receiving an online order.

The three main ways to carry on a business under this model is by web storefront, auction site and online mall (a site that sells products from different vendors).

Service Sales

Besides selling products, you can also sell services online. For example, many web designers have their “shops” which market their web designing service set up in cyberspace. Withrepparttar 117004 popularity of small businesses, especially home-based ones, conducting business viarepparttar 117005 Internet, there are a number of sites offering services for web business owners. For instance, screensaverbranding.com designs a screensaver that you can offer as a free download to web users to brand and market your web business. Another example is websites offering to write your web copy, so that your site is filled with language and emotion that will entice your prospects to click onrepparttar 117006 “buy” button.

Information Delivery

There are several ways, which you can make money by delivering information online. The most common method is making people pay in order to viewrepparttar 117007 information you have posted on your website. This method is used by major companies such as lexisnexis.com as well as home based business owners. Onrepparttar 117008 latter, examples include:

Free Competition Analysis for E-Commerce Startup

Written by Lawrence Roth

For anyone who has completed research regarding e-commerce, there are some common catch phrases that we all come across. ‘Competition Analysis’ is one of those catch phrases. Competition Analysis is part ofrepparttar business plan. And it is an important part.

However, completing some ofrepparttar 117000 tasks that are required for Competition Analysis can be overwhelming and expensive. This is a disadvantage for e-commerce startups with limited budgets.

The following is a suggestion that has worked for us at Rothline Entertainment, an e-commerce site located at http://www.rothline.com. After reviewing information on completing Competition Analysis, we immediately knew we could not afford to have an outside source complete these tasks. We were also overwhelmed withrepparttar 117001 idea of attempting to completerepparttar 117002 tasks ourselves.

We brainstormed regarding who our competition is and how well they are doing. One ofrepparttar 117003 free tools that helped usrepparttar 117004 most with Competition Analysis was http://www.alexa.com/site/ds op_500.

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