Which Type Of Real Estate To Invest In

Written by Steve Gillman

There are different types of real estate, and different ways to invest in them. Which way is best is for you to decide, according to your particular needs. Here are a few ways to consider, with their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Rental houses. Advantages: One ofrepparttar easier ways to get started, and good long term return on investment. Disadvantages: Being a landlord isn't much fun, and you typically wait a long time forrepparttar 149099 big pay-off.

2. Rent-to-own houses. Advantages: When you buy, then sell on a rent-to-own arrangement, you get higher rent, andrepparttar 149100 buyer is usually responsible for maintenance. Disadvantages: The bookkeeping is tricky, and most tenants don't completerepparttar 149101 purchase (this can be an advantage too, but it does mean more work for you).

3. Low income rentals. Advantages: The same as with any rentals, but with higher cash flow. Disadvantages: The same as with other rentals, but with more repairs and tenant problems.

4. Fixer-uppers. Advantages: A quick return on your investment, and it can be more creative work. Disadvantages: Higher risk (many unpredictables) and you get taxed heavily onrepparttar 149102 gain.

5. Buy for cash, sell for terms. Advantages: You get a high rate of return by paying cash to get a good price, and selling on easy terms to get a high price AND high interest. Disadvantages: You tie up your capital for a long time.

Short on cash flow? Understanding Paydays loans and cash advances

Written by m.k.

Have you ever found yourself short on cash or low on funds in-between paychecks? Unfortunetly, it happens torepparttar best of us. Sometimes asking family or friends for a quick cash loan isn'trepparttar 149058 answer either, especially if you prefer to keep your personal business, well, personal. Now you can benefit though a financial service known as a cash advance. This service actually goes by a plethora of other names, such as; a personal loan, payday loan, quick cash advance, pay advance, personal cash loan, ECT. The service

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