Where to Start

Written by Joyce C. Lock

When God's thoughts were written inrepparttar Bible, they didn't haverepparttar 126886 same meaning as how we interpret words. Didn't He tell us, “My thoughts are not your thoughts,” Is. 55:8?

Almost every word of significance, withinrepparttar 126887 Bible, has its own definition given somewhere inrepparttar 126888 Bible. God hides things fromrepparttar 126889 wise and prudent, and reveals them to babes, Lu. 10:21.

God is His own commentator. He doesn't need anything, including interpreters.

Study to show yourself approved, compare scripture with scripture, rightly DIVIDINGrepparttar 126890 word of truth. (If you don't, it isn't truth.) It can only be spiritually discerned. He told us all these things and more. Wasn't anyone listening!?!

When you seek ME with your whole heart, you'll find ME. When you seek MY definition ofrepparttar 126891 words, you'll find MY heart and intent. Your knowledge will pass away. My words are forever. And, My Truth will set you free.

Listen for Their Voices

Written by Joyce C. Lock

If we truly believe knowledge will pass away; why spend lives competing to know about God, think our training is omnipotent truth, and war over doctrinal differences - causing separation of company from those not like us? Brother against brother is a testimony lost people notice.

When standing before God, He won't be asking what we believe, how much we know, or even where we studied. Though, we are accountable for 'who' we believe ... gods or God.

With humorous intentions, a young teen expressed interest in having a T-shirt designed to read, “I only do whatrepparttar voices tell me to do.” “The children of this world are in their generation wiser thanrepparttar 126885 children of light,” Lu. 16:8.

Jesus said, “My sheep HEAR my voice ... and they follow me,” Jn. 10:27. “Be more ready to HEAR, than to giverepparttar 126886 sacrifice of fools: for they consider not that they do evil,” Ec. 5:1.

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