Where to Purchase the Perfect Wedding cake in Las Vegas

Written by Randy Wilson

You can expect to findrepparttar perfect wedding cake in Las Vegas. Las Vegas isrepparttar 144013 wedding capital ofrepparttar 144014 world, so you can expect to find many quality caterers and bakers in this exciting location who can help you plan a beautiful wedding party. When you visit some bakeries in search ofrepparttar 144015 best wedding cake in Las Vegas, you may be offered a sample of delicious Las Vegas wedding cake to help you decide if this is what you’re looking for. With professionally trained staff members that include full-time bakers and on-site designers, these Las Vegas wedding cake bakeries will not disappoint you.

Top-notch bakers offer cakes and fillings that can be made to suit your taste. Special orders often must be paid in advance. Hundreds of gorgeous creations can be baked to your specifications featuring colors, designs, and sizes that will precisely meet your wedding needs and impress your guests. You will be proud and gratified to feature one of these grand designs at your nuptial feast. Contactrepparttar 144016 staff early to allow plenty of time for allrepparttar 144017 details of your marvelous creation.

Your wedding cake will becomerepparttar 144018 center of attention (afterrepparttar 144019 bride, of course) when you order from an expert. Choose from a line of options that include tiers, sculptures, and layered patterns to make your celebration beautiful and unforgettable. Here are some ofrepparttar 144020 best-known wedding cake bakers in town.

Freeds Bakery of Las Vegas
4780 South Eastern Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Telephone (702) 456-7762
Toll free (866) 933-5253
Monday thru Saturday 9am – 6:30 pm PST
Sundays 9am-3pm PST
Freeds Bakery offers a complete line of wedding cake themes, designs, and tastes. Choose from traditional, fantasy, floral, and cLassic styles that will adorn any wedding party with grace and elegance. When you visitrepparttar 144021 bakery in search ofrepparttar 144022 best wedding cake in las Vegas, you will be offered a sample of delicious cake to help you decide if this is what you’re looking for. With 25 staff members that include two full-time bakers and seven designers, Freeds can handle any las Vegas wedding cake order in a matter of hours. These fantastic creations will grace any wedding table.

Bachelor Party in Las Vegas Planning

Written by Randy Wilson

There’s no doubt about it—engaged guys love a bachelor party in Las Vegas. The fabulous weather, exciting entertainment, and studded opulence will satisfy any man’s thirst for adventure. Create your own Las Vegas bachelor party package or work with a consultant for some ideas aboutrepparttar type of fun you want to have. Go clubbing, drink and eat, visitrepparttar 143847 casinos, or arrange your own event to celebrate your countdown bachelor days.

Stretch limos and courtly attendants vie to meet your transportation needs to ensure that your party is laced with style. From noisy casinos to private hotel rooms, there’s a party to fulfill anyone’s fantasy of their final single days. Gaming, dancing, drinking music, food, and site seeing are available for any size group and any type of theme.

From nightlife inrepparttar 143848 clubs to wildlife out in nature, you will be able to enjoy your preferred type of Las Vegas bachelor party, which is unlike anything you will find elsewhere. Get in touch with an experienced consultant to find out more about planning your Las Vegas bachelor party package. Rub elbows with celebrities or plan a private party of your own. Then take home a lifetime of memories as a souvenir of your carefree adventure. Most forms of payment are accepted. Call in advance to schedule early forrepparttar 143849 best deals and pricing.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
4455 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
Toll-free 800-hrd-rock
The Hard Rock Hotel is a cLassic in its time. Whatever your tastes may be in premarital entertainment, this place has it all, from beachfront parties, dance floor moves, and top-notch food and drink. Rub elbows with celebrities or plan a private party of your own. Then take home a lifetime of memories as a souvenir of your carefree adventure.

House of Blues inside Mandalay Bay
3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Telephone 702-632-7630
This club offersrepparttar 143850 latest and best in cool blues. Late at night, though, it turns into a nightclub featuring 80’s music on Fridays and 70’s style on Saturdays. There is no special dress code.

3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 992-7970
This club has a dress code that is strictly enforced. Patrons will be tantalized byrepparttar 143851 firewall that changes to a cascading water wall accented by dancing congas. An illuminated bar and pulsating dance floor provides a backdrop to all types of music, from techno to hip-hop.

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