Where to Buy Used Cars at Bargain Prices!

Written by C.L. Spartalis

One ofrepparttar most important things you can do to purchase a used car at bargain prices is to do your homework. You should check your local classified ads and see whatrepparttar 116833 asking price is forrepparttar 116834 type of vehicle that you are inrepparttar 116835 market for. Make sure to getrepparttar 116836 high and low Blue Book Price onrepparttar 116837 vehicle that you are interested in. Here are some excellent sources for getting pricing:

NADA GUIDESwww.nadaguides.com KELLEY BLUE BOOKwww.kbb.com EDMUNDSwww.edmunds.com

Other resources to check with is CARFAX. They can supply you withrepparttar 116838 vehicle history report. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a research area to check recall history on cars. We recommend that you haverepparttar 116839 vehicle you are interested in purchasing be inspected by your own mechanic prior to purchase.

Newspaper Classified Ads are a excellent place to find cars at well below retail prices. Many times, people take their cars to dealers for trade ins and are offered below wholesale prices. Many of these people will be happy to several hundreds more that what was quoted byrepparttar 116840 dealer and you will end up with an EXCELLENT BUY!

Online Auctions can be a great place to find bargains. You can shop right fromrepparttar 116841 comfort of your own home. Look for auctions with no reserve, these auctions donít have a minimum price before they will sell.

Don't Discount Offline Business Opportunities

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

So many people automatically think of Internet businesses first now days. Why? Because they're relatively cheap and quick to set up. What many don't seem to realize though, is that are still some golden opportunities inrepparttar offline world too. One such business can be started for less than $50, and can start earning you cash fromrepparttar 116832 first day.

So, what is this business? Vending machines. Now before you shrug this off as being too expensive, let's look at a few facts.

1. Not all vending machines are big and expensive. The first image that comes to mind withrepparttar 116833 term "vending machine" is a large cola or snack machine. But that's notrepparttar 116834 only type there is.

As a matter of fact, smaller vending machines are more common... they're just not often thought of as a vending machine.

Think about your local grocery or discount store for a moment. Besidesrepparttar 116835 cola machines, can you think of other vending machines that might be in place? If you're a parent, you might have already guessed: bubble gum, candy, and trinket machines.

They're small yes, but they draw cash and a lot of customers. They usually sell themselves. Kids can't resist them, and even my grown adult husband has been known to put money into them for himself occasionally too.

2. Small vending machines open more opportunities for you. Due torepparttar 116836 size of these smaller machines, they can be placed in many more places than a cola or snack machine can. Just a small list of examples includes:

- Grocery stores - Discount stores - Department stores - Convenience stores - Specialty shops - Barber or Beauty shops - Indoor swap meets/flea markets - Doctor or dentist offices - Pharmacies And even government buildings such asrepparttar 116837 DMV, City Hall, orrepparttar 116838 local social services office.

3. Placing small vending machines like this is not difficult. In fact, it can be made much easier by simply offeringrepparttar 116839 storeowner or manager a percentage of money earned.

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