Where should I start?

Written by Chuck McCullough

I recently surveyed my newsletter subscribers to get some information on what areas they needrepparttar most help with.

An interesting bit of information came out ofrepparttar 117619 survey:

A LARGE number of people online are trying to figure out where to start, or aren't sure how to go about it.

My answer for this problem is simply:

Get started!

Just get started. Find a subject that you enjoy, and that you are willing to spend time learning more about, and start creating your website.

Userepparttar 117620 free hosting services, put up a bunch of banners, DON'T get your own domain name, make allrepparttar 117621 mistakes you possibly can!

Why would I give you such terrible advice?

Because this is how you learn! This is how you learnrepparttar 117622 basics of creating a web page, uploading to someone else's server, finding your site onrepparttar 117623 Internet, and then trying to figure out how to get other people to find your site.

Everything you read (I'm guilty of this too!) tells you that you must have your own domain name before you even start, you must have a ton of content ready to put on your website to keep people coming back, your website must be on a profitable subject that will surely make you a ton of money, you must drive traffic to your website, etc., etc.!

The problem is that you spend all of your time trying to figure out what your website is going to be about, and trying to find a cool domain name for it, findingrepparttar 117624 perfect website hosting company that will keep your site up 24 hours a day, findingrepparttar 117625 most profitable topic...

But you never get started!

Get started today... right now... not later... now.

Go and create an account on a free hosting company, figure out how to create a web page, then upload it usingrepparttar 117626 instructions that are given to you byrepparttar 117627 hosting company.

Don't know how to create a web page? Go to your favorite search engine and search for "HTML tutorial" and then read until you've learned what you need to know to create a simple page that says:

Have You Hugged Your 'Guru' Today?

Written by Rick Beneteau

Strange title for an article, don't you think? But it did get your attention, and I want to hold it because I have something very important I want you to read, so please let me explain *why* I chose this title.

I dislikerepparttar term 'guru', at least when it's applied loosely, as it is onrepparttar 117618 Internet. I've never thought of, or called myself a guru, but I'm referred to one pretty often. So are a lot of other Internet marketers.

My article is not about 'gurudom' though. It's aboutrepparttar 117619 responsibility to those people who hold us in high enough regard to think of us as a guru, or an expert, or just someone who can help them along their way, and ask for our help.

Allow me to share a thought from my upcoming print book: "Our mission in life is to betterrepparttar 117620 lives of others. In doing so, our life is made better."

If you find yourself inrepparttar 117621 position where people are asking for your expertise and help, there can only be 2 reasons for it:

1. You arerepparttar 117622 Real McCoy and people trust that you can offer genuine and helpful advice and assistance, or

2. You've done a pretty good job of pretending to berepparttar 117623 above.

Hopefully you fall intorepparttar 117624 category ofrepparttar 117625 former.

Now, you really have only 2 choices when someone does ask for your help:

1. You can make an honest effort to lend a helping hand, or

2. You can ignore their request, or, perhaps try to sell them repparttar 117626 latest, greatest product that will solve their problem and make some money inrepparttar 117627 process.

This article would not exist had it not been for a rather lengthy and heartwrenching email I receivedrepparttar 117628 other day. It came from a customer of mine, now a friend, who has been strugglingrepparttar 117629 past few months trying to make a go of it inrepparttar 117630 Internet marketing arena. Very tough assignment as a newcomer in this post-September 11 economy especially in light of allrepparttar 117631 marketing products flooding cyberspace these days!

What was remarkable about his take on things was his statement that of allrepparttar 117632 "guru's" that he had purchased products from (most of which promised additional help afterrepparttar 117633 purchase), and had requested some simple guidance from, I wasrepparttar 117634 *only* person who ever responded. More than a couple of times as I recall. What a sad state of affairs in my opinion!

See, I made a vow when I began to notice (uncomfortably) this guru phenomena that I would do my very best to help anyone who felt I could help, and asked me for it. To me anyway, it's not only an honor and a priviledge, but a duty. To this day, I believe I have lived up to that pledge (and much torepparttar 117635 once- in-a-while dismay of my family members who understandably grumble aboutrepparttar 117636 endless hours I spend answering email:-)

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