Where is your website? Why is it invisible? We can help you be seen.

Written by malcolm james pugh

The Questions

Its amazing how many businesses have spent good money on website design and still are getting little or no return on this investment. Try answering these simple questions.

How much have you spent on you website? Maybe 5,000 ($10,000) or have you gone forrepparttar all singing all dancing 15,000 ($30,000) site with animated pictures, frames and rolling pages. Butrepparttar 140422 question remains - what business benefit are you deriving from your site?

How much more business are you getting because you have your website? Can you quantify and trackrepparttar 140423 incremental business you have received forrepparttar 140424 investment you have made.

When you search on what you consider a key word or phrase associated withrepparttar 140425 products/services that you provide, where does your site appear inrepparttar 140426 page rankings? Try Google, MSN and Yahoo, and try and find your site. If you are not onrepparttar 140427 first page, ask yourselfrepparttar 140428 question - how many people searching for my key word/phrase will bother going torepparttar 140429 second page of results?

.Now look atrepparttar 140430 companies that are getting a high position inrepparttar 140431 results - do you know why this is? These organisations are your key competitors and are taking business off you every day ofrepparttar 140432 week, in fact its 24/7 becauserepparttar 140433 net is always available acrossrepparttar 140434 globe. The Answers

The answer to this problem is quite simple. You have paid for someone to design a pretty website, not get you ontorepparttar 140435 first page ofrepparttar 140436 results page. But its even worse than that, some ofrepparttar 140437 techniques they have used to make your site look nice may actually reduce your ability to be seen. Yes, that's right you have paid good money to become anonymous to your customers!

Ten question before choosing web hosting

Written by Paula

Q. Which isrepparttar platform of web hosting(Win, Unix or Lunix.etc)

Q. How reliable isrepparttar 140256 service of a web host?

Q. What kind of performance can I expect?

Q. How good is email and phone support?

Q. How much will it cost me?

Q. How much bandwidth will I need for data transfer?

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