Where is the Magic?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Entrancement withrepparttar web is epidemic. There are 7 million new pages added daily according to recent statistics. Why?

There is something magical going on here.

The web has taken hard-nosed and jaded venture capitalists in record numbers and sucked their massive bank accounts dry. Why?

Because there is something magical going on here.

Big business has dumped billions into creating new web tools, web technologies, innovations to allow universal web access in airports, hotels and convention centers. Why?

Because there is something magical going on here.

People have given up lifelong passions and established careers to get into this new medium in one way or another. I'm one of them and I believe that it is absolutely fascinating, endlessly useful. Why?

Because there is something magical going on here.

When most new inventions or radical ideas are introduced,repparttar 119069 historical reaction fromrepparttar 119070 "experts" has been derision. Attempts to discredit and attackrepparttar 119071 innovators are common.

Maybe Women Should Run the Web!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

We all know thatrepparttar idea of business onrepparttar 119068 web came on with a roar and now lies whimpering and licking its wounds inrepparttar 119069 safety ofrepparttar 119070 shadows. Who wasrepparttar 119071 enemy? Who or what was it that clawed and scrapedrepparttar 119072 potential of online business so brutally that early enthusiasts are now seen as foolish, wild- eyed dreamers? What brought down an idea that was bigger and more powerful than a raging beast at full roar?

The Greed Monster. Greed and fear always do this to us.

Greed drivesrepparttar 119073 spammers that clogrepparttar 119074 in-boxes of evenrepparttar 119075 most casual email user. They promise instant gratification of our every desire -- financial or erotic. Just send your money.

Greed droverepparttar 119076 venture capitalists that dumped huge amounts of cash into poorly conceived ideas for internet businesses. Early VC losses can be directly tied torepparttar 119077 greed factor in investing. "Gimme your money and fast!"

Greed drivesrepparttar 119078 multi-level marketing programs that quickly sprouted wings online as more promises of instant wealth were strewn acrossrepparttar 119079 web. "Just send your money, hurry while there is still time to get in onrepparttar 119080 ground floor!"

Greed droverepparttar 119081 corporate behemoths to launch "web initiatives" so they might beat their competition online. "Hurry before our competition kills us and drains our profits!" But to what end?

So now that we knowrepparttar 119082 enemy. What do we do to vanquish him? I userepparttar 119083 masculine here because it evokesrepparttar 119084 warrior image. Mayberepparttar 119085 failure is in applying traditional male attributes torepparttar 119086 web. Power, fighting, hunting and killing don't work onrepparttar 119087 web. What does work?

Co-operation, community building, helpfulness and sharing. All attributes that are applied most often to women and are seen as feminine qualities.

We may be better off seeing this medium as a feminine one. When looking for valid business models online, just take a look at what works and who is making it work.

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