Where is our largest technological plan?

Written by J.C.Melo

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Where is our largest technological plan?

By J.C.Melo The period, more or less one year before September 11. The White House Technology Advisor worked inrepparttar 113487 mankind largest plan until now, to install a fantastic communications and IT network of 100 Mb/s in 100 million houses inrepparttar 113488 next 10 years. A plan bigger thanrepparttar 113489 Kennedy's plan to place a man inrepparttar 113490 Moon in 10 years.

The plan was being developed with a lot of priorities, 470 companies had already petitioned to participate and/or to invest, they discussedrepparttar 113491 more suitable communications protocol amongrepparttar 113492 existent ones - asrepparttar 113493 H.323 - andrepparttar 113494 new ones, etc. The forecast was to announce it untilrepparttar 113495 end of 2002.

That plan had very big goals, among which I can remember:

01. e-Surgery 02. e-Physician 03. e-Education (all levels) 04. e-Training (for companies) 05. e-Business (B2B, B2C, C2B, and by voice) 06. Iterative TV 07. e-Movies 08. e-Security (Federal, State, Country, homes) 09. e-Elections 10. TV telephony 11. e-Police 12. e-Government (all betweenrepparttar 113496 government andrepparttar 113497 Citizens) 13. e-Theater 14. e-Conferences 15. e-Libraries 16. e-Sciences 17. e-Polls 18. e-Management 19. TeleCommuter (home work) 20. All IT processing and storage through distant data centers 21. An estimated 1,000,000 new companies

and more e-Xs that you can imagine.

In every moment that I thought of this plan, I lamented two things: first, to be 73-years old and probably cannot accompanies him inrepparttar 113498 next 30 years, and second,repparttar 113499 dozens of technological ideas that I could suggest.

And thenrepparttar 113500 September 11 happened,repparttar 113501 main national priority moved to security matters,repparttar 113502 investments - government and privates - moved to another directions andrepparttar 113503 people worried more aboutrepparttar 113504 moment than withrepparttar 113505 future.

We Must Go to War

Written by Ieuan Dolby

“I say chaps; our economy is not doing too well at all”. My bank balance is just too low and to be quite honest I would like to buy another million dollar house inrepparttar Bahamas becauserepparttar 113485 other five that I have are just not enough for my lover and I – education forrepparttar 113486 children is so expensive.

What on earth can we do about this disastrous situation? Hey, I have an idea let’s go to war, that always boostsrepparttar 113487 economy and lets us build more arms and then afterwards we can rebuildrepparttar 113488 fallen nation and my company can go in and get allrepparttar 113489 contracts. Yeah, I like that! Last week my wife threatened to leave me, said that she would sue me for halfrepparttar 113490 estate, 20billion dollars she would get, so I need to do something urgent about that. Maybe transfer all my funds to some Mickey Mouse state, declare bankruptcy, go to trial and then be set free – of course withrepparttar 113491 provision that I behave myself! Oh, I’ll behave myself all right withrepparttar 113492 my yacht, my string of woman at my beck and call and a bank account filled withrepparttar 113493 proceeds of millions from my fallen companies pension funds earnings – stupid investors.

I must not step ahead of myself just yet though. Court cases take years to produce results so my wife can be kept loose and withrepparttar 113494 odd million to keep her mouth shut. Maybe she will end inrepparttar 113495 AA clinic, take drugs or have an affair – that would soon settle her score. And also my companies have not yet been raided by auditors; they certainly would have a field day in my offices as nothing adds up at all. What’s one plus one? In my books it equals three hundred and forty six if you get my drift! I’ve been cookingrepparttar 113496 books and fooling people for years, all those silly workers who’ve invested in my ultimate pension fund scam; they have just given me my very own pension fund and plenty of it too. The funny thing about all of this though is that all ofrepparttar 113497 paperwork leads to others doors, I can just pretend that I amrepparttar 113498 poor victim of my financial officer’s scams or that my Chief Executive was building his own empire behind my back – great beingrepparttar 113499 boss andrepparttar 113500 owner don’t you think?

The important thing for me now though is not my deranged wife or my troubled company, both of them will take years to sort out and a few greased palms will soon ease my way if I am not already on my remote island. The problem now though is that I am not inrepparttar 113501 Forbes top 100 list ofrepparttar 113502 world’s richest men. That is my dream, to be recognized and knownrepparttar 113503 world over as being superior and above, to be talked about inrepparttar 113504 same hushed tone as Bill Gates and to be up there withrepparttar 113505 best ofrepparttar 113506 best. And at this rate I will not get there. The economy has stagnated, I cannot take any more money fromrepparttar 113507 investors, I cannot cookrepparttar 113508 books any more as they are already cinders and I cannot makerepparttar 113509 company seem any more valuable than it already is not. I just needrepparttar 113510 economy to pick up so that I will getrepparttar 113511 contracts, attractrepparttar 113512 investors, re-cookrepparttar 113513 new books and walk away with others billions and then my place will forever be secured!

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