Where have all the web content sites gone?

Written by Melissa Brewer

Many web content websites have vanished or stopped in their tracks in repparttar last few months.

It's quite amazing that this has happened, actually, inrepparttar 131927 aftermath ofrepparttar 131928 September 11th tragedies -- more people than ever are now usingrepparttar 131929 web to get vital news information in real-time. (Family members in my household now visit international news websites to get a different perspective onrepparttar 131930 events going on!)

Content is still around, websites still advertise for content creation jobs, and yetrepparttar 131931 websites for web writers andrepparttar 131932 content community have dissipated to a small, yet vital, few.

So, if you're looking for support, news, and training, where should you go? Here's a rundown ofrepparttar 131933 surviving -- and thriving -- websites and communities for those of us who write online!

Web Page Content http://www.webpagecontent.com/ Articles and products to improve web content >Fromrepparttar 131934 website: "75+ ways to make your web content more usable, readable, credible, accessible and profitable, and attract more traffic through search engines. New articles every week or so." An interesting mix of content and creation how-to's.

Contentious http://www.contentious.com/articles/011210.htm Amy Gehran continues to write her monthly articles on online writing and content creation at www.contentious.com. Meet with her when she travels to DC!

Sins of The Internet: Para-Site

Written by Richard Lowe

The other day I was surfingrepparttar web as normal, going quickly from site to site. I was looking for a good site to present with an Excellent Site award and I was getting frustrated because nothing was measuring up. You know, more ofrepparttar 131925 say old thing time after time. I'm sure you've had days like this when you've surfed, everything just seemed, well, plain.

Anyway, I ran across a site which looked pretty good. In fact, it was very nice, good graphics, excellent content, nice layout and good navigation. In other words, at first glance it looked like a good candidate for an award.

The only way to be able to judge sites in a high-volume awards program such as ours (usually 40 or so entries a week) is to ensure that time is well spent. This means when I view a contender for an awardrepparttar 131926 first 60 seconds of viewing is used to quickly reject or accept a site. This whittles downrepparttar 131927 contenders greatly so that my time can be spent on those web sites that deserve a closer look.

So anyway, I was surfingrepparttar 131928 web and found a site which looked pretty good. Very good, in fact. Lots of nice graphics, very well-done layout, HTML code looked good andrepparttar 131929 content was first rate. I continued looking and comparing and came torepparttar 131930 conclusion that I had a real winner here, a site which was worthy ofrepparttar 131931 excellent site award.

I hesitated as I started to give outrepparttar 131932 award, though. Something didn't seem right, something was wrong. I continued looking, and before long realized I had found a para-site.

Oh,repparttar 131933 guy was good, I'll admit it. What had he done? He had used frames to seamlessly merge someone else's web site into his own. Actually, on further investigation I found that this "webmaster" had similarly merged over a dozen web sites into his own.

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