Where does your security lie? part two (2)

Written by DJ and Stephanie

"So long you can sweeten another's pain, Life is not in vain," wrote Helen Keller.Keller certainly understood emotional pain.You have likely observed that in this selfish world, it is easy to 'shutrepparttar door of one's tender compassions' and ignorerepparttar 132546 needs of others.(1 John 3:17).Yet, you are probably aware of this reality: Although we fully intend to love one another , we often overlook opportunities to relieve others' pain.That may simply be because we are not aware of their needs. EMPATHY isrepparttar 132547 key that can unlockrepparttar 132548 door to our kindness and compassion.

What is EMPATHY? One dictionary says that empathy isrepparttar 132549 "identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives."

"It is a mistake to think we listen only with our ears, it is much more important to listen withrepparttar 132550 mind,repparttar 132551 eyes,repparttar 132552 body andrepparttar 132553 HEART, unless you truly want to understandrepparttar 132554 other person you will never be able to listen" Mark Herndon

Today's world is often marked by a spirit of bravado and confrotation or by temptation. A person who flees from a situation is generally regarded as weak or cowardly. He may even become subject to ridicule. However,repparttar 132555 Bible makes it plain that there are times when running away is both wise and courageous.That is Jesus Christ's Disciples.(Matthew 10:23).

Michigan's Poor Children Face An Uphill Battle

Written by Brian McAfee

MUSKEGON -- Michigan's poor are having an increasingly hard time making ends meet, according to a recently completed study, and numerous social service organizations throughoutrepparttar state.

According torepparttar 132544 2003 Market Basket Survey (which measuresrepparttar 132545 buying power ofrepparttar 132546 poor), cash assistance and food stamps, which make up allrepparttar 132547 poor receive, covers only 5 percent ofrepparttar 132548 income needed to pay for food, clothing and housing. One year ago, Public Assistance provided 60 percent.

"That's a very dramatic drop, one I haven't seen inrepparttar 132549 seven or eight years that we've been doing this," stated Ellen Speckman-Randall, executive director ofrepparttar 132550 Michigan County Social Services Association, which conductedrepparttar 132551 annual survey.

From a Muskegon Chronicle article onrepparttar 132552 subject: "According torepparttar 132553 survey, a family of three would qualify for $9,830 a year in government cash assistance, food stamps and a back-to-school clothing allowance. That same family would spend an average of $18,137 in rent, utilities, transportation, food and clothing."

Cash assistance grants have not increased for ten years under conservative Republican Gov. John Engler. And now, with a new governor, Jennifer Granholm, improvement is unlikely because ofrepparttar 132554 state's projected $1.7 billion deficit.

Child and Family Associates see an urgency inrepparttar 132555 public need particularly for children. One reported suggestion is an added one-cent tax on each can of beer, to generate $20 Million, withrepparttar 132556 money to be used to increaserepparttar 132557 back-to-school clothing allowance from $25 to $100 -- much more than just this is needed to ensurerepparttar 132558 well being of poor children.

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