Where does your security lie? part one (1)

Written by DJ and stephanie

This story has been told thousands of times with many variations.Recently, one senior villager In Benin,Nigeria West Africa Related torepparttar following version to some younger ones.

The fisherman returns home in his pirogue and is met by a foreign expert serving in this developing country.the expert asksrepparttar 132549 fisherman why he is back so early. He replies that he could have stayed out longer but that he had caught enough to care for his family."And now, what to do with all your time anyway?"repparttar 132550 expert asks. The fisherman responds:"well, i do a little fishing.I play with my kids.We all have a sieta when it gets hot. inrepparttar 132551 evening, we have supper together. Later i get together with my friends for some music and so no." The expert interrupt: "Look i have a university degree and have studied these matters.I want to help you. You should stay out fishing longer.Yoi would earn more and soon be able to purchase a bigger boat than this pirogue witha bigger boat you would earn still more and soon be able to build up a fleet of trawlers."

Where does your security lie? part two (2)

Written by DJ and Stephanie

"So long you can sweeten another's pain, Life is not in vain," wrote Helen Keller.Keller certainly understood emotional pain.You have likely observed that in this selfish world, it is easy to 'shutrepparttar door of one's tender compassions' and ignorerepparttar 132546 needs of others.(1 John 3:17).Yet, you are probably aware of this reality: Although we fully intend to love one another , we often overlook opportunities to relieve others' pain.That may simply be because we are not aware of their needs. EMPATHY isrepparttar 132547 key that can unlockrepparttar 132548 door to our kindness and compassion.

What is EMPATHY? One dictionary says that empathy isrepparttar 132549 "identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives."

"It is a mistake to think we listen only with our ears, it is much more important to listen withrepparttar 132550 mind,repparttar 132551 eyes,repparttar 132552 body andrepparttar 132553 HEART, unless you truly want to understandrepparttar 132554 other person you will never be able to listen" Mark Herndon

Today's world is often marked by a spirit of bravado and confrotation or by temptation. A person who flees from a situation is generally regarded as weak or cowardly. He may even become subject to ridicule. However,repparttar 132555 Bible makes it plain that there are times when running away is both wise and courageous.That is Jesus Christ's Disciples.(Matthew 10:23).

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