Where are my Google Adverts?

Written by Tom O'Brien

Adwords Advert Maximum Profitability Strategies Use Them Or Your Competition Will

So you've set up your account and your adverts are showing, you type in a keyword search term you know your ads will show for but hey - you're not inrepparttar list!!!

Why is this?

Well there are a number of reasons why this could happen - here isrepparttar 145159 link within Google's FAQ that lays them out in detail: Click here

We will now focus on one of these issues in particular - your daily budget allowance and howrepparttar 145160 right mix of maximum CPC and daily budget is crucial forrepparttar 145161 success of your campaign.

Why Daily Budget Is Crucial
If there is a large advertiser demand then you are unlikely to get 100% advert exposure as there are a limited number of adverts displayed during a day.

For keywords that are not as competitive, you may well get 100% exposure of your adverts throughoutrepparttar 145162 day. This is of courserepparttar 145163 ideal but inrepparttar 145164 case of competitive keywords it is not usually achievable asrepparttar 145165 cost to display them would be prohibitive.

How can you maximise your exposure for a given keyword?

By increasing your campaign daily budget, not by increasing your max CPC.


Consider this - you decided to have a max CPC of 1 and a daily budget of 2 pounds, by midday you have had 2 clicks averaging 1 - Adwords stops serving your ads because you've used your daily budget.

Forrepparttar 145166 rest ofrepparttar 145167 day your competitor's ads are showing and yours are not.

But if you increased your daily budget to 5 and reduced your max CPC to 0.5, you could have 10 clicks or more depending onrepparttar 145168 actual CPC's.

Gettingrepparttar 145169 right balance with daily campaign budget and maximum CPC's is crucial to maximising your profitability with your campaigns.

If you have a limited advertising budget (and let's face it, most businesses do), then you are better served having your advert in one ofrepparttar 145170 lower display positions onrepparttar 145171 first page and shown more often throughoutrepparttar 145172 day (i.e. more exposure),repparttar 145173 more exposure you haverepparttar 145174 more clicks you will get and consequently more sales.

Therefore - increasing your campaign budget will be more profitable (you must of course be working hard on conversions) than increasing your max CPC, i.e. increasing your advert exposure rather than your advert's position onrepparttar 145175 search results page.

There follows 4 simple examples to illustraterepparttar 145176 different ways advertisers use adwords starting withrepparttar 145177 worst examples moving torepparttar 145178 best.

How To Test A Keyword For Success!

Written by Lil Waldner

Findingrepparttar successful keywords is crucial in order to get not only a lot butrepparttar 145114 right quality of traffic torepparttar 145115 website. Attractive Keywords are important for both: search engine optimization and CPC campaigns. It is a process of trial and errors and this work needs a lot of dedication. People use keywords in order to search what they need. A keyword can be a single word or a phrase. You need to expose your website withrepparttar 145116 right keywords in order to attract people.

Preparatory work

You need to find out what people are looking for on your website. What arerepparttar 145117 relevant terms to search forrepparttar 145118 information or offers on a certain website? If a website sells e-books,repparttar 145119 people might not only type inrepparttar 145120 word e-book, they might look for a specific e-book and use specific phrases. It makes a difference, if a website offers e-books for business purposes or entertainment. The people could type in either marketing e-book, business e-book, affiliate marketing e-book or star wars e-book, Harry Potter e-book.

If there are famous brand names on your website, you may use them to attract people. An e-book website could be an affiliate of Amazon and thus userepparttar 145121 brand as keyword.

Testrepparttar 145122 keywords!

You will create a list of keywords and you will need to test how popular and useful they are. You may use these keywords on your website, withinrepparttar 145123 meta tags and inrepparttar 145124 description and keyword list of your submissions to directories and search engines. The internet offers some useful and free tools to test them. Testing keywords is recommendable.

Some useful, free tools for testing keywords

The Keyword Selector Tool of Overture lists a lot of suggestions with alternatives of single keywords and phrases ofrepparttar 145125 tested keyword. It counts a search term that has been used during a month. Thusrepparttar 145126 popularity of keywords and phrases can be determined.

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