Where You Want To Be

Written by Peter Murphy

Barry was onrepparttar phone in his office, speaking with confidence, energy and passion.

In his office were a number of removal men working quickly moving furniture outrepparttar 101966 door torepparttar 101967 van parked outside. Before longrepparttar 101968 office was bare except for some old files, a cracked picture frame and a parched plant.

Just then a tall man in a dark suit enteredrepparttar 101969 building with a swagger. He found Barry still onrepparttar 101970 phone, standing in a corner ofrepparttar 101971 empty office. His voice echoed aroundrepparttar 101972 empty room as he finished his conversation and hung up and placedrepparttar 101973 phone back onrepparttar 101974 floor.

Barry reached into his pocket to find his keyring, he selectedrepparttar 101975 car key and reluctantly handed it over. The man inrepparttar 101976 suit grabed it before walking outside and driving off at high speed inrepparttar 101977 car.

John walked in to see Barry just as all of this was happening. He was surprised at how relaxed and confident Barry was givenrepparttar 101978 circumstances. You see, Barry had just lost his business andrepparttar 101979 removal men had arrived to repossess his furniture whilerepparttar 101980 car leasing company had taken backrepparttar 101981 Rolls Royce becauserepparttar 101982 payments had fallen into arrears.

John was here forrepparttar 101983 same reason - to collect an unpaid debt. Although it was clear now that there was little chance of getting any money. So John and Barry did a deal. If Barry would teach him how he could be so cool inrepparttar 101984 face of pressure thanrepparttar 101985 debt would be regarded as paid.

This is what Barry said to him:

**The big secret in life is to train your mind to think only about what you want to happen and to keep your thoughts off of what you do not want. Despiterepparttar 101986 fact that I have just lost my business, my car, and my office I just got offrepparttar 101987 phone, before it gets disconnected, after negotiating what could be one of my biggest deals ever.

Top Ten Steps to Focus on Achieving What You Really Want

Written by Wendy Hearn

1. Write a list of everything you want in all 8 areas of your life. Physical environment, Health, Friends/Family, Work/Business, Partner/Relationship, Fun/Recreation, Personal Development, Finances. When you can clearly see everything you want, your choice of focus is more balanced.

2. List allrepparttar things you don't want to have and then turn them around to identify what you do want. It's often easier to identify what you don't want and this enables you to focus on what you do want.

3. Define your vision, i.e. what you see as possible and then remove from your lists anything that doesn't fit. Your unique vision comes from within you, allowing you to focus on what's really right for you personally.

4. Remove from your lists anything you feel pushed to do either by yourself or others. When you only have things you feel pulled and drawn towards, it's more exciting and easier to achieve.

5. Tell yourselfrepparttar 101965 truth about what you really want. There's often a lot of fear involved in being truthful, even with ourselves. Face up to this fear and by being truthful, you'll have a clearer picture of what you really want.

6. Stop trying to choose what to focus on and step back by taking time for yourself to either read, be with friends, laugh, play, have fun, discover and dream. These activities allow for new possibilities, different perspectives and a freedom to make choices based on clarity, rather than pressure.

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