Where To Look For Dirt-Cheap DVD Software. Part XII

Written by David D. Deprice

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Barrel Racing for the Fun of It

Written by Bill Dunigan



Here is a sport for everyone. This activity offers to its enthusiastsrepparttar relaxation ofrepparttar 138080 outdoors coupled withrepparttar 138081 excitement of speed andrepparttar 138082 unparallel connection with an animal many times larger, stronger, and faster thanrepparttar 138083 individual mounted on top. The only judge involved isrepparttar 138084 clock. You wont find any style preferences, attitude, or subjective opinions here. Either you haverepparttar 138085 fastest time or you don't.

Barrel racing has been around for years. It has been a game event in numerous competitions for decades where men, women, and children have enjoyed displaying their expertise at top speed for all to see. Most oftenrepparttar 138086 first exposure to it comes from watchingrepparttar 138087 Rodeos. The cowboys introduced barrel racing into their list of events so their wives and girlfriends would have something to compete in atrepparttar 138088 Rodeos. However, throughoutrepparttar 138089 rest ofrepparttar 138090 world it is open to and participated in by all.

The race is relatively simple at first glance. It consists of three barrels placed at specified distances in an arena in a triangular pattern, referred to as a cloverleaf pattern. Different associations have their own recommended distances. A general guideline would be ninety feet fromrepparttar 138091 first to second barrel and ninety feet torepparttar 138092 third. These distances vary anywhere from sixty to one hundred and five feet. However, once set, it remainsrepparttar 138093 same for all competitors in that race. The competitor entersrepparttar 138094 arena at one end and proceeds at top speed aroundrepparttar 138095 first barrel and then proceeds acrossrepparttar 138096 arena torepparttar 138097 second, which must be turned inrepparttar 138098 opposite direction fromrepparttar 138099 first. Next they proceed downrepparttar 138100 arena torepparttar 138101 third barrel, which must be turned inrepparttar 138102 same direction asrepparttar 138103 second barrel. Then it's downrepparttar 138104 centerline at breakneck speed acrossrepparttar 138105 finish line. That's it, fastest time wins.

I have been teaching riding and barrel racing for years and have noticed a dramatic increase inrepparttar 138106 number of individuals wanting to learn to barrel race. They don't say " I want to learn to ride", instead what I am hearing is "I want to barrel race". Of course likerepparttar 138107 saying goes, that is really puttingrepparttar 138108 cart beforerepparttar 138109 horse. I normally don't have any problem resolvingrepparttar 138110 situation. Usuallyrepparttar 138111 horse explains it rather quickly, and much better than I could. After that they understand just why they need to learn to ride and controlrepparttar 138112 horse before asking for speed. Then there are those who have been riding for some time and desire something different or more challenging. For these riders things move along much more quickly. They already haverepparttar 138113 basics and simply needrepparttar 138114 technical aspects. However, even for some of those with experience it takes some getting used to forrepparttar 138115 speed. Once that is accomplished, there off and running.

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