Where To Look For Dirt-Cheap DVD Software. Part VII

Written by David D. Deprice

DVD Ghost - $34 http://www.deprice.com/dvdghost.htm

DVD Ghost is a very useful utility to make your DVD play/copy/backup software restriction-free, and it also supports copy/backup DVD to hard disk.

It is light on your system resources and resides in system tray. It removes all kinds of restrictions(CSS, RPC Region code, RCE, APS, UOPS, etc.) fromrepparttar DVD discs inrepparttar 137286 background.


Teach yourself CSS the easy way

Written by Erich Bihlman

I taught myself HTML back inrepparttar mid-nineties and was proud ofrepparttar 137202 fact that I was able to accomplishrepparttar 137203 design of fairly complex web pages with nothing more than a starter HTML book, an HTML reference book, andrepparttar 137204 knowledge I had stored in my head. But back in those days, we web designers had what looking back was a fairly limited amount of tools with which to work, andrepparttar 137205 quality (or lack thereof) of sites onrepparttar 137206 web was lackluster at best.

Fast-forward to today: The hand-coder has more powerful and intuitive software packages available that will still allow us "to get our hands dirty", which brings us torepparttar 137207 purpose of this article. Withrepparttar 137208 standardization ofrepparttar 137209 much anticipated Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) inrepparttar 137210 late-nineties,repparttar 137211 web design community has become familiar with a much more powerful and precise method of web page layout.

"But how is an old-time web coder supposed to learn CSSrepparttar 137212 easy way?!" Well, I say you should learn itrepparttar 137213 way I, and countless others, have:

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