Where Do They Get the Stuff They Sell??

Written by Natalie Williams

When I fist began researching how people made money on eBay, I wondered what we all probably wonder... "Where do these people get all this stuff they sell?" I was underrepparttar impression there was this one big answer, one particular place, where everyone purchased their merchandise and sold on eBay. I've come to realize there are many different places and many different ways that people acquire items to sell. Here are a few:

1- You may already have a physical retail store somewhere andrepparttar 117342 items you sell on eBay arerepparttar 117343 same items you sell in your store. You are usingrepparttar 117344 same distributors you normally use. Why is it that we never seem to walk into a Walmart and think "Where does Walmart get all this stuff they sell?" They set up accounts withrepparttar 117345 companies that either manufacture or distributerepparttar 117346 product they sell. 2- Sell your personal items from aroundrepparttar 117347 house. 3- Go to yard sales, pawn shops and thrift stores. Buy inexpensively and sellrepparttar 117348 items on eBay. 4- Set up accounts with drop ship companies. These companies usually sell a lot of different types of products for usually 10%-25% below retail cost. You can advertise an item for sell (on eBay, to your friends, an online store, wherever). Once you sellrepparttar 117349 item and collectrepparttar 117350 money for it, THEN you purchaserepparttar 117351 item fromrepparttar 117352 drop shipper who in turn will shiprepparttar 117353 item directly to your customer. You never have to have inventory in your home. Normally, your customer won't know it didn't come from you. This is called "Blind-Drop Shipping".

5 Ways To Develop A Residual Income Online

Written by Ken Hill

1. Build your own subscription based membership site.

Your visitors will be looking for information, and will be willing to pay to have allrepparttar information they need in one place for easy access.

Your membership site can provide your customers with this, by making them privy to a complete line of downloadable products, resources, or insider techniques and strategies to promoting or marketing their businesses online.

You can also create a membership site that allows your visitors to search for information that isn't readily available, such as for publishing contacts or work at home jobs.

This can be extremely profitable for you and provide you with a residual income as your customers renew their memberships.

2. If you offer a free service to your visitors, to drive repeat traffic to your site, add special benefits, options, or tools to your service that your visitors must pay to use on a monthly or yearly basis.

3. Develop and sell your own line of products or services that your customers must pay for on a monthly or yearly basis such as autoresponders, webhosting, or domain names.

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