Where Do I Start?

Written by John Colanzi

New marketers are coming online everyday. If you're one of them, I'm sure you've been asking yourself, where do I start?

There's so little time and so much information to absorb.

So many gurus with conflicting information.

Who's right?

Who should you listen to?

Before you do anything, you should sit down and decide what you are passionate about. It's so much easier to succeed if you're promoting something that excites you and gets your blood flowing,

I've always been an information junkie. Selling information, just fits me like a glove.

You may be sports oriented. You may have a passion for selling sports related products.

Inrepparttar words of Shakespeare, "In brief sir, study what you most affect."

Find your passion and you're ready to get started.

The next question should be whether to promote affiliate programs?

I know many marketers may disagree, but I think affiliate programs are a good starting point.


** Pickrepparttar 102579 right program and you'll get a good education.

** It requires little or no capital to get started.

How to Create a Successful Mini-site: Discover Insider Tips From A Marketing Expert

Written by Nathan Lynch

Nathan Lynch of (www.SuperAffiliateCash.com) interviews Harvey Segal, owner of "The Ad Tracking Guide" (www.ad-tracking.com)

One ofrepparttar hottest ways to market onrepparttar 102578 net right now is to create what is called a mini site. Usually one or more pages focused on one theme. Harvey Segal of Ad-tracking.com reveals some of his hard hitting secrets to affiliate success.

[Nathan] Harvey, I thinkrepparttar 102579 name gives it away but can you tell us about your mini site ad-tracking.com

[Harvey] Well Nathan, I think you've stumbled on tip number one. You need a domain name which is descriptive, so that people know immediately whatrepparttar 102580 site is about, is memorable so they can recall it later, and contains keywords which will improverepparttar 102581 rankings inrepparttar 102582 search engines.

The site describes how ad tracking programs work, how they differ, what to look for and provides product reviews.

[Nathan] What made you build this site?

[Harvey] A combination of two factors. Whenrepparttar 102583 first ad tracker appeared about two years ago I found it absolutely indispensable but later discovered by chance that better and cheaper versions were available. So I searched around to see if there was a guide to these products but could not find one.

Atrepparttar 102584 same timerepparttar 102585 marketing experts were advising us that niche sites (i.e sites with a narrow focus) wererepparttar 102586 way forward and that search engines would favor sites with a common theme running throughout.

Suddenly it struck me: if I wanted a guide I'd have to write it myself. And sorepparttar 102587 site started up - around March 2001.

[Nathan] How doesrepparttar 102588 site earn you profit? Is it through banner advertising, getting subscribers, or any other methods?

[Harvey] Nathan I've never clicked on a banner in my life, so there's no way I would use them. There's no advertising atrepparttar 102589 site and I don't even have links torepparttar 102590 newsletter at my main marketing site. I don't want to distractrepparttar 102591 visitor fromrepparttar 102592 goal ofrepparttar 102593 site which is to purchase an ad tracker, whereby I receive affiliate commission.

[Nathan] Well I did think that wasrepparttar 102594 plan but I could not seerepparttar 102595 usual affiliate links even when I placedrepparttar 102596 mouse onrepparttar 102597 links. Where are they?

[Harvey] I expected thatrepparttar 102598 author ofrepparttar 102599 Affiliate Success Blueprint would ask that! The links are there all right, but with a few simple HTML tags, onmouseover and onmouseout, you can conceal them. You can check outrepparttar 102600 source code to see how this is done. It's just that some people are put off by affiliate links or removerepparttar 102601 agent code atrepparttar 102602 end which unfairly undoes repparttar 102603 hard work ofrepparttar 102604 affiliate in bringing them torepparttar 102605 site.

[Nathan] I foundrepparttar 102606 site very easy to navigate and uncluttered. I'm fascinated byrepparttar 102607 way you leadrepparttar 102608 reader throughrepparttar 102609 site. Did you base this style on any other site?

[Harvey} I'm always onrepparttar 102610 lookout for good ideas and I file them away for future use. I continually modifyrepparttar 102611 site to improve its readability which is so important. It's often a matter of balance whether to have a very long page or a few shorter pages. There's no right or wrong way.

As you can see I just have five pages, starting with a short introduction of why you need a tracker then moving on to a brief explanation of how it works.

I don't want to deterrepparttar 102612 reader with anything complex at this point. By now he may be interested so onrepparttar 102613 third page I can let rip with my "23 ways to use an ad tracker".

There's another reason for this page. I can use repparttar 102614 Url in a signature or an ad, such as: Discover 23 unique ways to use an ad tracker.

By now I should have an enthusiastic prospect but before moving torepparttar 102615 final product review page I have a page of advice on how to choose a tracker and here's that appropriate place where I can include a little technical information.

[Nathan] Let's talk about getting traffic to repparttar 102616 site. How do you go about promoting it?

[Harvey] First I'll explain that there's two types of minisites. You haverepparttar 102617 one page mini site which is essentially a sales pitch culminating in an order. I'll talk about these later.

The other type is a site, like this, filled with useful information, resources and tips and which is not overtly a sales site. With such a site you can submit torepparttar 102618 two main paid submission engines Yahoo and Looksmart also torepparttar 102619 Open Directory which is free, and be sure that it will be approved. In contrast a one page is unlikely to get approval.

Also I userepparttar 102620 pay per click search engines: again there isrepparttar 102621 advantage that other listings will show individual products whereby a title such as "The Complete Guide to Ad Tracking Programs" has more chance of apturingrepparttar 102622 reader's attention.

[Nathan] So do you findrepparttar 102623 search engines bringing you plenty traffic ?

[Harvey] They bring a steady flow but not excessive. The problem is thatrepparttar 102624 keywords "ad tracking" or "ad trackers" are not highly searched terms: possibly because these tools are not yet widely known. However withrepparttar 102625 directory entries it helps to create a well constructed description using other terms. For examplerepparttar 102626 Yahoo entry says

Ad Tracking Guide: reviews advertising tracker programs and their usage in campaign management affiliate marketing and classified advertising

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