Where Did YOUR Last 5 Customers Come From?

Written by Denise Ryder

A while ago in a seminar I was giving on marketing tactics, I had allrepparttar attendees write down where their clients came from. It was quite an eye- opener for many of them, because in some cases they had no idea. Hmmm, what does that tell you??

In a few cases, people realized that their clients came to them as a result of a referral and in many cases, from just one person.

So, how about you, where did your last client come from?

Do you know? Can you tell me without hesitating?

Keeping track of where your clients come from isrepparttar 144109 first step in developing an effective marketing strategy: keeping track of what is working for you.

If you don't know where your customers/clients are coming from then how can you determine what is pulling for you and what isn't?

Here is a little exercise you can do, it takes about 5 minutes tops. Do not do it in your head. Here is a little form you can take and use it for your own business:

Where did my last 5 clients come from?

----Start Form----

Client #1: _____________________________________ How Obtained? ________________________________

Client #2: _____________________________________ How Obtained? ________________________________

Client #3: _____________________________________ How Obtained? ________________________________

Client #4: _____________________________________ How Obtained? ________________________________

Client #5: _____________________________________ How Obtained? ________________________________

-----End Form-----

Now once you have filled inrepparttar 144110 blanks, look your list over and where you are gettingrepparttar 144111 bulk of your clients from. Is it from:

Blog Your Way To a Successful Private Practice

Written by Juliet Austin

What is a Blog?

Blogs are a type of website often defined as an on line journal or diary. Although there are many blogs whererepparttar blog author keeps a log of their own thoughts, experiences and ideas, bloggers also frequently share and discuss information from other sources.

Blogs typically focus on a certain topic and have frequent (sometimes daily) posts (or entries). Posts often link to other blogs or websites that discuss a similar topic. Many blogs are set up so that readers can add comments below each post.

Blogs have been around for about 8 years or so. Business blogs have become increasingly popular inrepparttar 144012 last couple of years, and especially inrepparttar 144013 last year.

Why Use Blogging To Market Your Practice

Counselors, therapists and other healing professionals often shy away from using technology when marketing their practices. While there are many effective ways to market your practice that don’t involve technology andrepparttar 144014 web,repparttar 144015 Internet increasingly becomes an essential method to utilize when starting and marketing a practice.

Furthermore, if you market your practice onrepparttar 144016 Internet in addition to using offline techniques, you are creating a lot more exposure for your services. Blogs are just one more method of marketing your practice.

Fortunately, much ofrepparttar 144017 technology involved in setting up and managing a blog is very simple. This makes it easy for you to manage and update content on a blog by yourself. You can get a blog up and running in a few minutes without having any technical skills whatsoever.

Blogs also are way to connect with your target market more personally. Because blogs are updated frequently, they allow “your voice” to come through more easily than a static website.

Finally, search engines love blogs because of their numerous and frequent posts as well asrepparttar 144018 common linking that occurs amongst those inrepparttar 144019 blogosphere (the blogging community).

How to Use Blogs To Market Your Practice

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