"Where Can I Find The Best Case Mods Online and Save Money"?

Written by Kevin Taylor

Are you captivated byrepparttar stunning Case Mods you've seen online but shell shocked at some ofrepparttar 137703 prices.

What is a case mod, some of you may ask? Have you every wanted to spice up that boring bland box you call your computer?

Well you can and there are lots of people online with fantastic clever ideas on themes, gee whiz lights, sounds, and much much more. Here is a list of top places where you can get information, buy stuff, and chat with others about your ideas.

If you want great case mod information you should go torepparttar 137704 Best Case Scenario;


There you will get great advice on do it yourself case mod projects that will save you money. You will find "well written and photographed case modding worklog that allows us to follow a modder's project in a step-by-step fashion".

If you want to buy great case mod items at low prices you should go to:


Their statement sums up whatrepparttar 137705 site is about; "A unique shopping experience forrepparttar 137706 Hardcore PC Enthusiast! Along with providing an excellent selection of high quality items and offering exceptional and personal customer service, Case-Mod.com has found many unique ways to save you money and make your shopping experience an enjoyable one."

User Friendliness: Do Computers Have to be Clinical and Boring?

Written by Daniel Punch

While sleeping through a lecture recently I roused for just long enough to catchrepparttar lecturer saying that "Error messages should not try to be funny or amusing, they should be clear and concise". This got me thinking aboutrepparttar 137586 ever-elusive goal of user friendliness. The concept has changed much overrepparttar 137587 years with packages such as DOS going from being one ofrepparttar 137588 easiest packages onrepparttar 137589 market, to now being complicated, convoluted, and ignored. I have begun to wonder why I am being taught that computers have to be boring to be user friendly.

The predictable nature of computers is quite dull. I study computers and work with them, so I'm used to experiencing a certain number of faults every now and then. I find these dull and depending on how close my current deadline is, downright infuriating. Onrepparttar 137590 Internet side of things there is little quite as irritating as running into a 404 page when you're trying to find something. However,repparttar 137591 other day I ran into a site that displayed random 404 Haikus and instead of being upset atrepparttar 137592 fact that my time was being wasted, I ended up typing in bizarre addresses just so that I could read all ofrepparttar 137593 little poems. You can find a few lists of 404 Haikus from a simple search in Google. Humorous website Homestarrunner.com has an entertaining page when you getrepparttar 137594 address wrong that screams "Four-oh-foured!" and displays a very entertaining message. They have another 404 page on their site that is a hilarious cartoon you can watch.

In terms of applications, games occasionally have amusing error messages such asrepparttar 137595 one in 'Escape From Monkey Island' withrepparttar 137596 title "Congratulations, you have found a bug!" and concludes with "...get back to work". There's naturally a bit more leniency and tendency towards entertaining secrets in games. Easter Eggs used to be a lot more common in software applications. These are hidden sections of code thatrepparttar 137597 average user will never activate but which provide an amusing result when they do. For a large list go to http://www.eeggs.com and search for a specific type of software program that you use. There may be a few minutes of hidden entertainment to be found.

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