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Many websites giverepparttar clearest message to people who view them – andrepparttar 146178 message is “this site is not for you”.

Sherlock Holmes once told Watson thatrepparttar 146179 problem with circumstantial evidence was that it could point uncompromisingly in one direction, but when you shifted your viewpoint slightly it pointed equally uncompromisingly in another.

Website design appears to share this shifting of purpose in many cases, asrepparttar 146180 well-intentioned webmaster is pointing industriously in one direction but Joe Public is equally driven for seemingly mysterious purposes to look in quite another.

To me,repparttar 146181 key to site design is always to look atrepparttar 146182 goal ofrepparttar 146183 site –repparttar 146184 actual goal - and then your steps towards realizing that goal inrepparttar 146185 eyes of your target audience, bringingrepparttar 146186 client’s needs and Joe Public’s together to be answered in a single product.

Byrepparttar 146187 actual goal I meanrepparttar 146188 response your client specifically requires fromrepparttar 146189 site - and this needs more thought than many people imagine.

For example, I have designed a number of sites for clients selling real estate in Cyprus. Clearly, you may well say,repparttar 146190 goal is to sell houses, right?

I would argue no, it is not - unless it is an on-line estate agent who plans to sell houses to platinum Visa holders. The real goal forrepparttar 146191 site is to capture an e-mail address from interested parties –repparttar 146192 goal ofrepparttar 146193 site's owner is to sellrepparttar 146194 houses.

Thus,repparttar 146195 whole emphasis ofrepparttar 146196 site shifts to sellingrepparttar 146197 idea of living in Cyprus – and how this particular individual (the client) isrepparttar 146198 best one to help you achieve property ownership in Cyprus in order for us to capture that all important e-mail.

Who is buying?

Never forget your viewers profile -repparttar 146199 audience for your site - ask your customer what his "average customer" is and what kind of new customer he wants to do business with. If our client says that his average buyer is around retirement age, and you andrepparttar 146200 35 year old client are planning Flash/Dynamic database driven on–line searchable PHP…. whatever. To you it sounds great and on your new P4 with 516 Megs of RAM over your ADSL connection atrepparttar 146201 office it is truly breathtaking. But ifrepparttar 146202 intended viewers bother waiting for your site to download over dial-up and run on their PII 900 hertz with 64 Megs of RAM - thenrepparttar 146203 first look atrepparttar 146204 high-tech interface will probably just confuse them, rather than engaging their interest, and away they will click to somewhere less challenging.

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