When to say "When" to an affiliate program

Written by Chuck McCullough

How long should you promote an affiliate program before you makerepparttar decision that it just isn't going to work for you? Let's face it, no matter how well a particular product may do on other websites, it just might not be right for yours. Statistics show that only a small percentage of affiliates for any given program actually make any money. What happens if you are one of those that falls intorepparttar 102640 category not making money? Is it time to take downrepparttar 102641 site and letrepparttar 102642 domain name registration expire? No way! But it just might berepparttar 102643 right time to make some changes to your strategy. Analyze your website andrepparttar 102644 programs that you have signed up for. Determine which of those REALLY appeal to your target audience. I said REALLY because I want you to look atrepparttar 102645 programs fromrepparttar 102646 viewpoint of your visitors, not fromrepparttar 102647 viewpoint of which ones are supposed to make yourepparttar 102648 most money. There's a lot of advice out there on which programs to pick for your website, highest commissions, monthly payout, online reporting, etc, etc, etc. The fact is that you don't always have that choice to make. You need to concentrate onrepparttar 102649 products that your visitors will berepparttar 102650 most interested in. What programs compliment your website's content and theme are much more important than signing up for every program promising to make you rich with only one sale. I'm a great example ofrepparttar 102651 above information. One of my websites caters to a highly targeted audience. I have tried many affiliate programs and advertising solutions on that site overrepparttar 102652 past two years. You know which program consistently beats all others? Amazon.com! I get paid quarterly not monthly (make that a month or two afterrepparttar 102653 quarter has ended), I only get credited for that visit, not repeat visits, and up until about a month ago had to wait until Monday of each week for my emailed statistics. Believe it or not boys and girls, Amazon.com doesn't fit intorepparttar 102654 'model affiliate program' mold that we read so much about. Now, I'm not trying to be hypocritical here, I too feel that you should do your best to find quality affiliate programs that offer all ofrepparttar 102655 above benefits and then some. I'm just trying to tell you that if you find a program that really appeals to your target audience, you CAN make some money with it. Don't pass up products that your visitors would really be interested in just becauserepparttar 102656 program doesn't have repparttar 102657 highest commissions. Because if your visitors do purchase from a particular program and you can show consistent sales


Written by Carl Hruza

An Affiliate Marketer is someone who actively promotesrepparttar products or services of one or more businesses, and receives commissions on sales generated through his/her referrals. A successful Affiliate Marketer is efficient and 'savvy', can locate a good business opportunity and extract it's full income generating potential. Applying Affiliate Marketing techniques to promote your business onrepparttar 102639 Internet can be very successful, once you understand some ofrepparttar 102640 basics. We estimate that around 5 million people are involved in promoting affiliate web sites. The majority of these, perhaps 75%, will not generate a single commission check. Approximately 25% will make supplemental income from their programs, relying on income from other sources, with only a relatively small number of affiliate marketers who are very successful. Therefore, what dorepparttar 102641 'successful' marketers do differently and how can we apply their techniques to our Internet business? Broadly speaking there are six methods of promoting a web site onrepparttar 102642 Internet: 1. Throughrepparttar 102643 Internet Search Engines. 2. Banner advertising, both pay-per-click and reciprocal banner exchanges. 3. Opt-in (subscription) email lists. 4. Ezines, article submission sites and reputable Business to Business resource sites. 5. Free-for-all link boards (FFA), classified ad boards and directories. 6. Unsolicited Email (Spam) Let us deal withrepparttar 102644 last two points first. We do not advocaterepparttar 102645 use of unsolicited email, and recommend to all our clients that they do not respond to unsolicited email, only to 'unsubscribe'. FFA boards are becoming less effective, largely due torepparttar 102646 decreasing numbers of people who actually read posted messages. FFA boards have evolved into 'automated' link sites where you submit your 'offer' to 1000's of boards through automated bulk-submission services, and you receive auto-responders fromrepparttar 102647 board operators, advertising their services to you. Most of these auto-response messages are filtered out and deleted byrepparttar 102648 submission service before you get to read them, or are directed to a 'free' email address where they are dumped - automated submissions, automated deletions! That is not to say that they serve no purpose. FFA boards can enhancerepparttar 102649 'link-popularity' of your web site, which can gain you valuable points with search engines. Which leads us to answerrepparttar 102650 question posed above - "what do successful marketers do differently and how can we apply their techniques to our Internet business". The answer is to implement

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