When to Start a Home Business?

Written by John Olson

I find that most people seem to start trying to make Money online with a Home Business atrepparttar wrong time.

They just lost their job, there spouse just lost theirs or money problems have overwhelmed them. They are in a disparate situation, they need to make money Now, not tomorrow, but Now.

That is exactlyrepparttar 117325 Wrong time to start.


Because they are looking for something that doesn't exist. Money over night, success in a flash. Instant Riches.

Sorry to say, it doesn't happen that way. Don't believe allrepparttar 117326 Hype you read on Websites, or posted on Company Message Boards or coming from some upline member above you.

What isrepparttar 117327 purpose ofrepparttar 117328 Company Website after all?

To get you to join, spend your money or time or both and if it seems to promise that it's going to be easy making money, that they do allrepparttar 117329 work and you just collectrepparttar 117330 checks, don't fall for it. They just want your money and your time.

If members post onrepparttar 117331 Company boards aboutrepparttar 117332 hundreds of members they've signed up almost over night, don't think just because they did it, you can.

How did they do it?

They have either spend a Lot of Money Promoting, or paid for sign ups which inrepparttar 117333 long run will be almost worthless. Or, and most likely of all, they have a Large Mailing List that they have built up over time of people who have joined things with them inrepparttar 117334 past and trust them.

The same goes for that Heavy Hitter upline of yours who writes everyone below him or her and tells them how easy it was to get sign ups. Hog wash... Easy for them, not so easy for you andrepparttar 117335 rest of us.

For most of us, it's going to take time and a lot of work.

I will not lie to you and tell you anything is easy, fast or guaranteed. Any program, no matter who says what, is going to take time and work.

So, when isrepparttar 117336 best time to start trying to make Money in an online Home Business, or any start it yourself business, for that matter?

When you already have a job and money coming in every month. Whenrepparttar 117337 bills at home are getting paid and there might be just a little extra to try something new.

Why You Must Build A Customer List To Prosper

Written by David Coyne

If you run (or plan to run) an online business, it’s especially important that you maintain and add to a customer/prospect list. Unlike a store-front business, which can draw on pedestrian traffic, you’re only location is cyberspace.

You must constantly let potential customers know you exist. And to remind current customers that you’re still in business and have more products and services to help them.

The are couple of powerful reasons for keeping an updated list of your customers’ names and email addresses.

Obviouslyrepparttar first is that prospects can be turned into customers.

But here’s another important reason: It costs five to ten times as much to acquire a new customer than selling more products to your existing customers.

Think about all advertising costs involved in trying to attract new buyers. It’s much easier to sell to people whom already know you.

If you sell a quality product and deliver great customer service, you build customer loyalty and help prevent customers switching to your competitors.

Also take advantage of “cross selling.” If customer X bought Product A, make sure they know about Product B, C, etc.

If your customer doesn’t purchase your other products, send an email and politely inquire.

When you find out their specific objection to buying, you can then addressrepparttar 117324 problem.

Perhaps you can offerrepparttar 117325 customer a volume discount, two for one deal, or add an inexpensive gift if they order.

Be creative in ways to overcome customer resistance.

And check through your list often.

When wasrepparttar 117326 last time you were in contact with each of these customers?

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