When to Plant Vegetables

Written by Chip Phelan

If you’re planting a vegetable garden you’ll want to pay close attention to frost and freeze dates to determine when to plant. This article gives an overview of how to determine when to plant and offers links to additional online resources for determining your frost and freeze dates.

Planting times for vegetables and other annual plants vary from species to species. In much ofrepparttar United Statesrepparttar 134956 prime consideration isrepparttar 134957 date ofrepparttar 134958 last spring frost/freeze. Many vegetables can be planted up to four weeks beforerepparttar 134959 last frost, while others need to wait until a couple of weeks afterrepparttar 134960 frost.

Another consideration isrepparttar 134961 date ofrepparttar 134962 first fall frost/freeze. In northern latitudes, where summers can be short,repparttar 134963 length of time some vegetable species take to reach maturity (most notably tomatoes and peppers) make it necessary to plant vegetable seeds indoors and then transplantrepparttar 134964 seedlings outside atrepparttar 134965 appropriate time.

Other vegetables and fruits, such as winter squashes and some melon varieties, seem to do better when planted as seeds directly where they are going to stay. With maturation times up to twelve weeks, it may be critical to get vegetable seeds planted as early as it is safe to do. If you have a short growing season, and wish to grow these crops, choose vegetable varieties that will reach maturity within a safe time period for your area.

My personal observation has been that vegetable seed crops planted at their earliest safe date are less likely to fall victim to insects than later plantings. If you have a small vegetable garden it’s not too difficult to reseed if a surprise late frost damages a particular crop.

Wheelbarrow Buyers Guide

Written by David Howlett

This guide has been written to help you makerepparttar right choice when buying a wheelbarrow inrepparttar 134931 UK. Inrepparttar 134932 UK currently there are at least 30 different types of wheelbarrow, fromrepparttar 134933 basic garden barrow to a sophisticated battery powered motorised wheelbarrow.

There are also numerous manufactures both at home and abroad and of course a vast range of models to choose from. And all with different prices and specification. This guide is an attempt to give you a little more understanding ofrepparttar 134934 range of wheelbarrows available and help you decide which is best.


Chuko Liang (181-234 A.D.) is considered to have inventedrepparttar 134935 wheelbarrow as a way to move injured soldiers from battle. The wheelbarrow did not exist in Europe beforerepparttar 134936 eleventh or twelfth century (earliest depiction is in Chartres Cathedral).

Wheelbarrow design has not really changed much in almost a thousand years. James Dyson inventor ofrepparttar 134937 cyclone vacuum cleaner developedrepparttar 134938 ballbarrow marrying suburban kitsch with ease of use. Much more recently America car giant Daimler Chrysler has developed an innovative range of wheelbarrows featuring flat-free tyres, long-life wheel bearing and longer handles for easier lifting.

Types of wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows can be characterised into several different types dependent on repparttar 134939 likely use forrepparttar 134940 barrow. These types or categories include:

• The Basic garden wheelbarrow

• Nurseries & Professional Gardeners

• Builders Construction Wheelbarrow

• Dual Wheeled Wheelbarrows and Carts

• Speciality Wheelbarrows £15 - £550

The Basic Garden Wheelbarrow £20 - £60

This is probablyrepparttar 134941 most common type of wheelbarrow and range from ones that are extremely lightweight and flimsy to wheelbarrows that are extremely well made and designed from many years service. Prices range from around £20 up to £60 and like everything in life you pay for what you get. The Jeep Mini is a good quality garden wheelbarrow atrepparttar 134942 upper end ofrepparttar 134943 market but is well made and designed for longer life with features such as oil impregnated wheel bushing and powder coated baked on paint.

Visit any out of town DIY superstore and you will find plenty of choice atrepparttar 134944 cheaper end ofrepparttar 134945 market with prices from as little as £15 althoughrepparttar 134946 quality may be poor and so unlikely to last very long.

Nurseries & Professional Gardeners

Wheelbarrows in this category tend to be of much better quality and designed for a much longer life. The tubs are usually polyethylene rather than plastic for longer life. The steel used inrepparttar 134947 frame and construction tends to be good quality and is galvanised or powder coated to protect against rust.

A typical example of this type of barrow isrepparttar 134948 Big Bertha from Jeep and sold by Gardenmania.

The Big Bertha has a long life polyethylene tub, easy-lift handlebars with soft grips and guaranteed for five years. It also has flat-free tyres guaranteed forrepparttar 134949 life ofrepparttar 134950 wheelbarrow.

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