When to Have a Baby Shower

Written by Randy Wilson

When to have a baby shower is again a personal choice. It can be held anytime 4-6 weeks before or afterrepparttar birth. Moreover, it can be held any day ofrepparttar 149638 week and at any time ofrepparttar 149639 day that is suitable forrepparttar 149640 mom-to-be, her family andrepparttar 149641 invited guests.

Traditionally, baby parties beforerepparttar 149642 birth were very common. Today it is a matter of personal choice and convenience. It is usual forrepparttar 149643 event to be held perhaps a month or two beforerepparttar 149644 birth.

Ifrepparttar 149645 shower is to be held beforerepparttar 149646 birth then it is preferable thatrepparttar 149647 gifts should be those related to newborn babies and in neutral colors as well as gender neutral. when to have a baby shower these days is to hold them a month or two afterrepparttar 149648 birth, which has also become quite a popular time period. It has its own advantages, like mother is somewhat worry free about her pregnancy. She doesn't have that large belly, so can participate in more baby shower games and other activities. She can eat whatever she feels like, unlike when she was pregnant.

Sometimes it can be more appropriate to host a baby shower afterrepparttar 149649 birth ifrepparttar 149650 mother is having a difficult pregnancy or her religion discourages celebratingrepparttar 149651 baby's birth beforehand.

Havingrepparttar 149652 baby shower afterrepparttar 149653 baby is born has other advantages as well. Now you can be sure thatrepparttar 149654 gifts can relate torepparttar 149655 baby, i.e. girl or boy.

So as to when to have a baby shower, before or after is just fine, but it is a good idea not to holdrepparttar 149656 shower too nearrepparttar 149657 anticipated birth date. Otherwiserepparttar 149658 mother's health may not be good enough for her to enjoy or even take part inrepparttar 149659 games or activities. Also,repparttar 149660 baby could of course arrive late or prematurely.

Similarly,repparttar 149661 next issue while choosing when to have a baby shower is to know whether she is a first time mother, or if this her second or more birth. Baby showers beforerepparttar 149662 baby arrives are great fun for first-time mothers to look forward to inrepparttar 149663 last month of her pregnancy.

Identity Theft – Impacting Your Taxes?

Written by Richard A. Chapo

If your identity is stolen, your finances can quickly become a nightmare. A less obvious problem isrepparttar effect identity theft can have on your taxes.

Identity Theft

Generally, thieves steal your personal data forrepparttar 149637 purpose of running up credit card charges or opening and abusing new accounts. A developing trend inrepparttar 149638 identity theft field concerns schemes impacting your taxes.

Selling Social Security Numbers

Identity thieves have created a new line of business – selling your social security number. Who would want to buy it? The list is surprising long, but undocumented workers, individuals with bad credit and people trying to obtain a new identity leadrepparttar 149639 list. This can create a huge problem for you since any income paid to those individuals is reported torepparttar 149640 IRS as being paid to you. This results inrepparttar 149641 IRS having inflated income numbers and, often, audits when you “under report” your income.

Withrepparttar 149642 creation ofrepparttar 149643 Real ID Act, better known asrepparttar 149644 National ID Card, things will only get worse. Underrepparttar 149645 Act, all workers will be required to submit social security numbers to obtain jobs. With our leaky borders, there will be a high demand for your social security number.

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