When the Clock Strikes Twelve!

Written by Jaruda Boonsuwan

I just finished reading another sales copy ending withrepparttar Deadline Marketing!

And it'srepparttar 125024 sixth I see today saying "If you order by midnight, blah blah blah...."

I'm sure you've seen it. And I'm sure you're getting (if not very) a little bored.

The deadline trick has proven itself to be overwhelmingly successful. It's a deadly-effective "countdown trigger" that pushes reluctant people to ACT atrepparttar 125025 scene.

BUT right nowrepparttar 125026 Internet is getting OVERCROWDED with sales letters that try to lure you in withrepparttar 125027 deadlines.

And now what happens is when prospects get to witness this technique too often, they learn to catch up. They learn NOT to buy it!

So be "extra careful". It's been OVERUSED!! Imagine how your prospects will feel when they come across your website and see that your sales copy is not different from others. Imagine yourself in their shoes!

What's WORSE is not keepingrepparttar 125028 deadlines...

A lot of marketers specifically userepparttar 125029 deadlines to explode their sales faster. And their sales letters are forever like that....withrepparttar 125030 NEVER-ending deadlines. So prospects can't help but lose faith inrepparttar 125031 deadlines.

You could easily risk losing your credibility from your prospects, if they check up on your site again and still findrepparttar 125032 same "midnight deadline" technique.

This is critical. If you userepparttar 125033 deadline, make sure you keep it. When you sayrepparttar 125034 promotion is ending as soon asrepparttar 125035 clock "strikes at twelve", prove that you really MEAN it!

Once your prospects see thatrepparttar 125036 discount really ends like you said it would, they'll regret not having bought from you earlier.

The New 5 P's!

Written by Jaruda Boonsuwan

NO! When I say "5 P's", I'm not talking aboutrepparttar big 5 P's of marketing everyone's familiar with.

Here I'm NOT referring to Product, Price, Place, Promotion and Package!

But I'm talking aboutrepparttar 125023 FRESHEST 5 P's I believe will be extra useful for your websites and newsletters.

Are you ready to discoverrepparttar 125024 hottest 5 P's?

1. P.S.

This writing technique alone will shoot your sales torepparttar 125025 roof!

Count how many times this week you skip readingrepparttar 125026 whole sales copies and go right for a P.S.

We don't like reading a long letter. Most ofrepparttar 125027 time, we skip. So, it's a clever idea to give your prospects a big bang with a P.S. They never skip reading a P.S.

Perhaps they're too bored or too tired to read "another" sales letter. Perhaps they like to cheat and want to seerepparttar 125028 final punch, if it's right for them or not.

So, make sure you wrap up all of your ICE-MELTING "selling points" in here! Shrink your message. Make it precise. Make your prospects feel they can't live "comfortably" without your product or service. After all, it's your last shot to make a sale!


People love a free pass, even if it's only temporary!

Don't worry if you don't know how to let people type inrepparttar 125029 password to access your restricted area. It's notrepparttar 125030 end ofrepparttar 125031 world. Here's where you can getrepparttar 125032 script for FREE at...


Here's a cutting-edge trick: Give them a free password to access your newsletter/ article archives, for example, in exchange for their email addresses. Do not give themrepparttar 125033 password right at your website. Instead, send themrepparttar 125034 password by email.

Now, this is important...Set up an autoresponder to do this task. Make sure they get their passwords instantly. They can't wait another minute longer to accessrepparttar 125035 free section. It's a MUST that you have an autoresponder, especially if you publish a newsletter. Get it at...

http://www.mailloop.com .cgi/769736/

Now this is important! Do not make this offer sound like a junk! You can say that you're giving away "free membership". Say it is a "privileged" or a "VIP" pass. Or simply say that they're "the chosen one". This way, your prospects will be eager to getrepparttar 125036 free access you're offering. It's human nature. We all want to be a Very Important Person!


You've got to promise your prospects something important...like money-back guarantee.

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